3 Free PDF to Word Converters

Free Programs that Convert PDF to Word (DOC or DOCX)

A PDF to Word converter does just that - it converts a PDF file, which can't be edited with most software, to a Microsoft Word format, like DOCX or DOC, which can be edited easily with many different programs.

Renaming a PDF to a Word format like DOC won't work. You'll have to use a program or service that will convert PDF to Word (or some other editable file format) before you can make changes to it. Once the changes are made, you can use a free PDF converter program to turn your Word document ​back into a PDF file... if you want to.

On the other hand, if all you really want to do is view the PDF file, you don't need to do any converting. See my updated Free PDF Readers list for tools that open PDF files.

Regardless of why you'd like to do it, you can convert PDF to Word with any of these completely free programs and online services:

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Screenshot of the UniPDF Free PDF Converter
UniPDF. © PDF to Word Converter

UniPDF is a free PDF to Word converter, and easily the best one I've tried. It's fast and simple to use.

Most importantly, it does an excellent job at keeping images and text where they belong once converted to DOC.

I also like that UniPDF has a straightforward interface and isn't bogged down with advertisements or confusing settings.

Batch PDF to Word conversions are also supported in UniPDF, as is TXT output if you're only interested in the text-based information in a PDF.

UniPDF also converts PDF files to popular image formats, like JPG, PNG, TIF, and more.

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PDFMate PDF Converter Free

Screenshot of the PDFMate Free PDF Converter
PDFMate Free PDF Converter.

PDFMate PDF Converter Free is another excellent tool that will convert PDF to Word - DOCX (the newer Microsoft Word format) at that!

I found that PDFMate PDF Converter Free did a great job when converting PDF to DOC, retaining nearly all the proper formatting and color.

Batch PDF to Word converting is supported, as well as PDF to PDF conversions, which is helpful for making changes to PDF security settings.

One drawback with this tool is that text found in the PDF will only be editable on the first three pages of the DOCX file it creates, but that may not be a concern depending on the PDF you happen to be converting to Word.

PDFMate PDF Converter Free can also convert from PDF to EPUB, HTML, JPG, SWF, and TXT.

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Screenshot of the FreeFileConvert website

FreeFileConvert is a free online PDF to Word converter that supports file uploads (up to five at a time) as large as 100 MB (as the total, combined size).

When you're finished converting a PDF, you can choose to download a compressed ZIP file with the converted data inside so as to download a smaller file.

In addition to DOC, FreeFileConvert supports PDF conversion to EPUB, HTML, MOBI, TXT, and lots more.

Native PDF Editors

There are programs that allow you to edit PDF files directly, meaning that you don't need to convert the PDF file at all - just open it, make changes, and save. Unfortunately, none are free. Some popular ones include Adobe Acrobat, Foxit's PhantomPDF, and Nitro Pro.