The Best Free PC Games to Download in 2023

An alphabetical list of free PC games with links to download

Gaming is hugely popular, and free gaming even more so. Below is a list of our picks of some of the best free PC games to download right now. Some of them are even portable, which means you can put them on a flash drive and play them anywhere.

These titles include older and popular commercial games that have been released as freeware, home-brew remakes of popular games and games released by independent developers. They're identified by their genres, such as first-person shooter, real-time strategy, role-playing, simulation, and platform games.

These are free PC games to download. You have to save the game files to your computer and install them before they're usable. These are not the same as free online games that can be played in your web browser. 

Before Downloading These Games

Remember that each of these free pc game downloads only works when installed on your PC. This poses a risk when compared to online games because it's possible the game files might contain malware.

Take caution when downloading these files. Know how to scan your computer for viruses should the need arise, and always keep your computer updated with the most recent security patches.

If you download a free game that won't open when you double-click it, chances are you need to extract the game out of the archive since some of them come in a RAR or ZIP file. ZIP files can usually be opened no problem but RARs and other non-ZIP archives require a file unzip program like 7-Zip.

Several of these PC game free download pages have multiple "Download" buttons but only one of them is actually valid; the others are most likely advertisements or links to other websites. If any links take you elsewhere without downloading the game, return to the download link below and try a different button.


Hands holding a gaming controller in front of a monitor
Abuse First-person Shooter
Alien Breed Obliteration First-person Shooter
Airstrike 3D Flight Simulator
Alien Swarm Top-down Shooter
America's Army 2.5: Assist First-person Shooter
America's Army 3 First-person Shooter
Armagetron Simulation
AssaultCube First-person Shooter
Ata: Extracts From The American Civil War Strategy


Screen capture showing airplane from a video game.
Babylon 5: I've Found Her Simulation
Beneath A Steel Sky Action/Adventure
Bio Menace Platform
Blip and Blop Arcade
Bounty Hunter SX Arcade
BZFLag First-person Shooter


Screen capture of a shooter's point of view down a brick hallway.
C-Evo Strategy
Cave Story Platform
CaveShip Arcade
Cellfactor: Revolution First-person Shooter
CodeRED Battle For Earth First-person Shooter
Command & Conquer Strategy
Command & Conquer: Red Alert Strategy
Corridors of Power First-person Shooter


Screen capture of a spaceship firing in a video game.
Dark Wars Platform
Dark War II Platform
Dink Smallwood Role-playing
Diver Down Role-playing
Doom 95 First-person Shooter
DroneSwarm Arcade


Overhead view of a natural landscape from a video game.
Eternal Daughter Platform
Eternum Platform


Screen capture of air-to-air jet combat from a video game.
Fantom Subdivision A Action
Formido Strategy


Screen capture of treasure chests and ogres on various levels and platforms.
Gate 88 Strategy
Gene Rally Driving/Racing
God of Thunder Platform
Grand Theft Auto Action/Adventure


Screen capture of birds and people in front of a building.
Halloween 1.0 Action
Halo Zero Platform
Hell Fighter Simulation
Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe First-person Shooter
Highway Pursuit Arcade


Screen capture of an auto race course and buildings from above..


Screen capture of aliens fighting in a video game.


Screen capture of a man in a video game forest.
Kings Quest I: Quest for the Crown Action/Adventure, Point-and-Click
Kings Quest 2 Action/Adventure, Point-and-Click
Kings Quest 3 Action/Adventure, Point-and-Click


View of land and water from above in a bridge building video game.


Screen capture of Super Mario trying to cross a lava pit..


Screen capture of Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs racing across a landscape..


Screen capture of an eyeball on a green landscape.
Ocular Ink Action
Operation Spacehog Arcade
Out of Order Action/Adventure, Point-and-Click


Screen capture of a warrior carrying a shoulder firing rocket launcher..
Pac-Man 3D Arcade
Pekka Kana 2 Platform
Pirate Isles Strategy
PRBoom First-person Shooter
Prince of Persia 4D Adventure
Psi-Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy Third-person Shooter
ezQuake First-person Shooter


Screen capture of soldiers with shields climbing onto a castle wall..


Overhead view of roads, buildings and grassland.


Screen capture of a sorcerer with a glowing staff.
Tango Strike Arcade
TerraFire Action
The Black Heart Fighting
The Elder Scrolls Arena Role-playing
The Spirit Engine Role-playing


Cockpit view from a jet on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.
UFO 2000 Simulation
Universal Combat Simulation


A futuristic tank with a turret on a hill in a barren landscape. .


Armored transformer-like spaceship firing off multiple missiles.
X Bomber Top-down Shooter
X Operations First-person Shooter

Z / 0-9

Overhead view of a primary player in an arcade-like nature game.
Zelda Classic Arcade
3D Desert Run Simulation
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