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A free password manager is an excellent way to avoid forgetting the password to your email account, Windows login, an Excel document, or whatever other file, system, or service you use passwords to access.

With a password manager, you only have to remember one strong password. Once your account is unlocked, you have access to all the other passwords you've saved inside your account, making getting in to all your other sites, services, and devices super easy.

There are three basic kinds of password managers: desktop password manager software, online password manager services, and password manager apps for smartphones like iPhone and Android phones.

Each kind of password manager has its own set of pros and cons, so your first step in choosing an individual free password manager software program or service is figuring out which type fits your need best:

Some makers of free password managers offer a combination of desktop, online, and smartphone apps that synchronize information. Check the free password manager maker's website for details if you're interested in this kind of feature.

Free Windows Password Manager Software

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Windows password manager software programs are Windows compatible, downloadable applications that you use to store login information, like usernames and passwords, to the various password-protected areas in your life.

A free password manager software program is great because you retain complete control of the program on your personal computer.

A disadvantage of that very feature is that your saved passwords aren't available elsewhere. If you use your password-protected services away from your PC, or if you want to use a password manager to save your Windows password, an online password manager or password manager app for your phone might be a better idea.

KeePass, MyPadlock, LastPass, KeyWallet, and Avira Password Manager are some of the many free Windows password manager software programs available.

Most of my readers are Windows users but many free desktop password managers are also available for other operating systems like Linux and macOS.

Free Online Password Managers

Passpack - Password Manager

An online password manager is just that — a web-based/online service that you use to store your passwords and other login information. No software installation required

Constant availability is the obvious advantage of an online password manager. With an online password manager, you can access your passwords anywhere you happen to be which also has an internet connection.

Security is probably the biggest question with an online password manager. Letting someone else store the passwords to the important areas of your life isn't something to take lightly. A Windows-based password manager or a password manager smartphone app might be a better fit if this is a big concern for you.

Passpack, my1login, and Clipperz are a few of the many free online password manager services that you can sign up for.

Free Password Manager Apps for Smartphones

Quick Password Manager App

Password manager apps are smartphone apps specifically designed to store passwords and other login data right on your phone.

Having all your passwords and other login information available in your pocket at all times is a big plus.

Your set of stored passwords is protected by a primary password, like with all password managers, but what if your phone is lost or stolen? How confident can you be that your passwords will be safe? Definitely something to think about when you choose a password manager smartphone app.

Some free iPhone password managers include Dashlane, Passible, LastPass, and 1Password. There are also free Android password managers including KeePassDroid, Secrets for Android, and more.

Password manager apps exist for other smartphone platforms as well.

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