Where to Download the Opera Browser for Free

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Opera is a web browser and email program that is available for OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux Operating systems and mobile as well. If you want to give it a try, you can do so for free -- check out the latest version of Opera from Opera Software to see how it compares to other browsers.

  • Download the latest free version of Opera: Visit the Opera website where you can choose the version you want based on your system or device. You can download the desktop browsers directly from the site. For mobile browsers, you will be directed to Google Play, the Apple App Store, or the Windows Store.
  • Opera Mail Email client: Download this free, lightweight mail client for your desktop computer directly from the Opera site. Learn how to use the Opera Mail client effectively to access all of your email accounts and manage your email.

Opera Browser for Desktop Computers

The Opera browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. It features a built-in ad blocker. The free, unlimited VPN feature is attractive for business use. It also has a battery-saver feature that is attractive for extending the life of a laptop battery charge and a data-compressing Opera Turbo feature. You get a personal news feed. Opera is designed with tab cycling, visual bookmarks, and customizable shortcuts. There are over a thousand extensions that can be used to personalize the browser.

There are plenty of useful tips, tricks and tutorials to get the most out of your Opera desktop browser. See how to activate Turbo Mode, use Private Browsing Mode, manage search engines, import bookmarks, change themes, manage passwords, disable images, use address bar shortcuts, and more.

Mobile Opera Versions

  • Opera Mini: This popular web browser works on almost any phone or tablet. It can be downloaded from Google Play for Android, the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and the Windows Store for Windows mobile devices.
  • The Opera browser is available for Android devices from Google Play. It includes a news feed, data savings mode, and a built-in ad blocker. It can also force zooming on any page and has a text wrapping feature.
  • Opera Coast is available from the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPad. It has a personal news feed feature and can deliver it to your home screen.
  • Opera VPN app: If you need free, encrypted VPN, you can download free apps for Android at Google Play and for iOS at the Apple App Store.