Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Locators

Find Free Wi-Fi Wherever You Are

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The most basic way to find open hotspots around you is to browse nearby networks from your phone or laptop. However, if you're planning a trip, it's wise to scope out the hotels, airports, restaurants, coffee shops and many other businesses that offer free or paid wireless Internet access

The websites and apps below offer an easy way to search through these public Wi-Fi hotspots. Some of them provide the password if the network is private but most of them catalog hotspots that are completely free to the public.

Common Places With Free Wi-Fi

Companies like McDonald's and Starbucks have free Wi-Fi for anyone within range of most of their buildings. An easy way to check this out in a place of business is to just scan for open networks or ask for the guest Wi-Fi password.

Most libraries have free internet through their computers but lots of them also offer free Wi-Fi for the public. The New York Public Library goes a slightly different route by giving out free hotspot devices for people without internet access at home.

Hospitals are good places to find free Wi-Fi as well since these places typically have overnight patients who benefit from wireless internet access.

Your cable provider might be giving out Wi-Fi to its customers; check their website for more information about availability.

For example, AT&T hotspots use the SSID attwifi; they even have a map of all of their hotspot locations. XFINITYTime Warner Cable and Optimum provide Wi-Fi as well.

Want to find where nearly half a billion Wi-Fi networks are all around the globe? Good thing WifiMapper is available because that's exactly what it does.

The best feature in WifiMapper is the ability to promptly remove all hotspots that cost, have a time limit and/or require you to register. You can also filter them by the provider.

You can be sure that WifiMapper is always up-to-date because anyone with an account can agree whether or not the hotspot is free, requires a paid subscription or needs a password.

The app will immediately start looking for hotspots around your current location but you can change where it's searching at any time. A small icon on the map identifies if the hotspot is free as well as whether it belongs in a coffee shop, restaurant or "nightlife spot."

You can install WifiMapper for free on Android and iOS. More »

The WifiMaps website is just a huge map that lets you browse through all of its documented free hotspots. You can use the Android or iOS app to search for free Wi-Fi around you or anywhere on the globe.

Not all of the hotspots on WifiMaps are open; some require a password, and the password is usually provided. These are most likely guest passwords that could be obtained by asking someone who works at the business. More »

Avast is a major company in the antivirus realm but they also have a free Wi-Fi finder app that lets you find free, public wireless networks wherever you may be.

The app is very simple in that you can't filter or easily see what kind of business the hotspot belongs too. However, it does have some pretty neat features not found in most other free Wi-Fi finding apps.

For instance, you can download hotspots in your country to have access to their locations even without an internet connection. Also, Avast reports if the hotspot is safe, can download at high speeds and if it has a good rating from other users.

Password protected networks might still be accessible through Avast's app because other users can share passwords with the community.

iOS and Android users can get Avast Wi-Fi Finder for free. More »

Just as the website name would suggest, OpenWiFiSpots shows you all the open Wi-Fi spots! The service is only available for hotspots in the US.

You can browse by state but also by guides like coffees shops, airports, fast food restaurants, public parks and public transportation. More »

Pick where you live from the list of locations at The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory to see which places of business offer free Wi-Fi access.

For example, the listing for the US state of Delaware shows all sorts of hotels, restaurants and other businesses that provide free Wi-Fi to their customers. More »

WiFi Map is an app that describes itself as a "social network where users share Wi-Fi passwords for public places." It has cataloged millions of hotspots around the world that are super simple to search through.

The app is really great but only if you're within 2.5 miles of the network you want to connect to. That's the only way you can get the Wi-Fi password information in the free version. You can still see the hotspots but only their locations, not the passwords.

You have to pay for the Travel app for more features like saving the hotspots offline and viewing remote hotspot passwords.

Android and iOS are the two supported platforms for this app. More »