3 Free Online Time Tracking Applications

Save time and money with these web-based time tracking programs

Tracking your time, whether for billing purposes or for personal productivity, is easier than ever; there are a great many online services dedicated to helping you find out where the time went, as painlessly and as easily as possible. The Web 2.0 time tracking apps below are all free to use for at least one user and, based on your timesheet data, can create robust reports full of charts to visualize your time usage by the client, project, and task. Most also offer a smartphone app for on-the-go time tracking, so you can capture all of the hours you worked, wherever you are.


Paymo Time Tracking Application screenshot
Paymo Time Tracking Application.
What We Like
  • Intuitive interface.

  • Task based project tracking.

  • Both cloud based and desktop.

  • Convenient calendar timesheet.

What We Don't Like
  • No option to import data from other apps.

  • Creating custom invoices takes some work.

  • Affordable, but not free.

Paymo offers both time tracking and integrated invoicing for free for up to 2 users (3 invoices/month), which makes it especially convenient to use for freelancers and others who have to bill for their time. You can track tasks by clients, projects, and users; view milestones on a calendar; attach files to tasks; and mark tasks as billable or non-billable -- in other words, you can do a lot with the system. This greater functionality means, however, that you'll need a little time upfront learning how all the components work together. Desktop widgets are available for Macs and PCs, and there is also RSS and iCal integration.


Toggl Time Tracking Application Screenshot
Toggl Time Tracking Application.
What We Like
  • Feature filled free option.

  • Integrates with many other services.

  • Very intuitive interface.

  • Task based project planning.

What We Don't Like
  • Does not offer invoicing or scheduling.

  • Limited functionality on mobile app.

  • Difficult to track multi-tasking.

Toggl is based on a single-click timer: the app features just a button and a task description, so you can switch to monitoring time on a different task with just one mouseclick. Cross-platform support for Toggl (desktop widgets, iPhone and Android apps, code for embedding in iGoogle or Netvibes) is also one of Toggl's strongsuits, and reports can be downloaded as PDF or CSV. You can also give report access to different team members (the service is free for up to 5 users), which means you can share project status with clients or your manager. The paid version (from $5 per month) lets you track your earnings, plan tasks ahead, add your logo to reports, and integrate Toggl with Basecamp, iCal, and RSS.


Harvest Time Tracking Application screenshot
Harvest Time Tracking Application.
What We Like
  • Includes web interface and mobile app.

  • Well designed interface.

  • Integrates with many services.

  • Highly functional free option.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited reporting features.

  • Not as customizable as other apps.

Harvest is more than an online timesheets progam: it includes expense tracking, invoicing, and budget tracking in one package. There's support for QuickBooks export (a plus for SMB staff), team recording, desktop widgets, and more. The free plan allows tracking for up to 2 projects and 4 clients, with unlimited invoicing; pro/business subscription plans add other features and fewer limits.