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The World Wide Web is one of the most phenomenal innovations ever created in the history of mankind. These free online resources will give you a crash course on what the Web is, help you develop your Web search skills and learn how to navigate the Web even more efficiently, and best of all, you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Each of these links will give you a good beginners-level introduction to the subject outlined in the synopsis. Not sure how the Internet and the Web are different? How about figuring out how to search effectively, what a Web browser really is and how you can use them, or how to find the best shopping sites online (and use them securely)? You'll find all that information here and much more. 

The following resources are completely free. Each synopsis will give you a brief overview of what to expect; click on the links for more information; then come back here and move on to the next resource. This is a very low-key introduction to some of the more basic concepts you'll need to become a more savvy Web user. 

Web Search 101 Resources

Google Search Resources

Google is the largest, most popular search engine on the Web. We've all used Google to find something, but there is a lot more to Google than what meets the eye. With the following resources under your belt, you'll be using more of Google's services, secret search tricks, and convenient shortcuts than you ever thought you would.

How to Find Multimedia on the Web

The Web is a great place to find free multimedia of all kinds on the Web: free movie downloads, free videos, free music: you name the multimedia, you can probably find it (for free!) online.

How to Find People for Free on the Web

Need to find people, and don't want to shell out ridiculous fees? Nowadays, it's easier than ever before in history to find people for free using the wide variety of sites, services, and tools on the Web.