Best Free Online Movie Sites Compared

Compare the genres & features of the most popular movie streaming websites

We keep a large, updated list of the the best places to watch movies online, but how should you determine which one to start exploring first? One way is to look through this comparison table.

Every site mentioned below offers action and comedy films but not all of them include popular genres like horror, drama, and movies for kids; and some genres like foreign and Latino are even rarer. Just check out the table to see how they compare with one another.

Most of these sites include free TV shows, too, in addition to a large collection of films. Some might have higher quality videos than others, and a few let you pay for more content than what's offered with a free account. Different filtering options are available to help you find your favorite movies or help you stumble on something new to watch. There are even free movie apps offered by most of these sites.

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Given that there are different features, a comparison chart like this one is extremely helpful in deciding which website you should start with without having to visit each of them to see what they offer.

Remember that this table only shows five free movie streaming websites. There are several more you can check out in our list of the Best Places to Watch Free Movies Online.

Best Movie Sites Compared
Genre Crackle Popcornflix Vudu Yidio YouTube
Anime Movies      
Other Genres
Feature Crackle Popcornflix Vudu Yidio YouTube
High Quality    
View by Most Popular  
View by Recently Added  
Filter by MPAA Rating      
Includes Free TV Shows
Includes Movie Trailers      
Paid/Subscription Options    
Few Ads       [2]
App Crackle Popcornflix Vudu Yidio YouTube
Android [1]
iPhone/iPad [1]
Other Devices [1]

[1] YouTube has a free app for many different devices but it's built for music and other videos, not necessarily for browsing for free movies like the desktop website offers. Visit YouTube's Where to Watch help page to see where you can watch YouTube videos.

[2] Some of movies on YouTube and Watch Documentary do contain advertisements, but several of the movies we tested had absolutely none.

Something else to remember about YouTube is that you can't sort the free movies by genre, so while you might be able to find a documentary or thriller there, for example, you'll have to search for it manually.

If you'd like to download free movies instead of stream them, see Where to Download Free Movies Online for some ways you can do that. For more movie freebies, be sure to check out these free Redbox codes

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