8 Free Online Logo Makers

Design Your Very Own Custom Logo for Free

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You can use a free, online logo maker to create a logo for your business or product as a cost effective alternative to paying someone hundreds or even thousands of dollars to create one for you.

Many of these logo makers have built in logos that are ready to use, lots of options for images and shapes, and a ton of options to make your text really stand out. They're easy to use and in a few minutes time, you'll be well on your way to creating your own unique logo.

Looking for a good free, online logo maker can be quite frustrating. Many of them add their watermark over the top or charge you to download them. To make matters worse, they won't tell you that they're going to do these things until you've already spent time creating your logo.

All of the logo makers below are completely free to use and download your final logo. None of them put an unwanted watermark over top of them when you're finished either. You'll find that they're a quick, no-hassle way to make a quality logo.

If you want a little more control in creating your logo, check out this free logo templates that let you make even more changes.

If you find that you'd like to create a logo from scratch, you'll want to check out this list of free downloadable photo editors and free online photo editors before you get started.

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Logomakr's Free Logo Maker

The LogoMakr workspace

Logomakr is one of the easiest free logo makers you can find. No user account is required, the tools are out in the open, and there aren't dozens of buttons or options that can confuse you.

Plus, there are tons of free graphics and a few simple shapes that you can browse or search for that can be imported into your logo. Logomakr lets you use multiple images in one logo.

There's also a text tool that lets you pick from a wide variety of font types. Your logo at Logomakr can have more than one text area.

The shapes, text, and graphics can all be colored in with the included color wheel.

The canvas area for your logo can be adjusted to be a certain height and width, and there's also a crop tool.

A custom URL is given for each new logo you build so that you can return to it and finish editing it later. Logos made at Logomakr are saved in the PNG format.

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Free Logo Maker at OnlineLogoMaker

The Online Logo Maker workspace

I like OnlineLogoMaker because the entire editing interface is much like a photo editing program, so you can layer objects on top or behind one another.

There are dozens upon dozens of free clipart images included in OnlineLogoMaker that you can use for free, but it also lets you upload your own photos to use in your logo.

Multiple images and text boxes can be used in a logo so you can really personalize it how you wish.

A user account can be created if you wish to save your logo online and come back to edit it later, but it's not necessary; you can make the logo and download it without an account.

Logos created at OnlineLogoMaker are downloaded as PNG files. You can adjust the logo's dimensions when you're ready to download it.

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Logo Garden's Free Logo Maker

The LogoGarden design space

Logo Garden is another free logo maker but you can only download a low resolution JPG version of your logo; higher quality logos aren't free. You can also only edit your logo once after you've saved it.

Despite these limitations, you can still use Logo Garden to build your own logo online. It includes a couple dozen font types, a round text tool, a color chooser, and lots of symbol options (you can use one symbol in your logo).

Once you've chosen a symbol and some text, you can define some effects for them like shine, shadow, and reflect.

A free user account is required to save and download your logo.

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Free-Logo-Maker.net's Free Logo Maker

The work space at Free Logo Maker
Free Logo Maker

This is another free logo designer that's really easy to use. There's a large collection of free images (plus a few shapes) included that you can use in your logo but you can also upload your own.

It supports transparency for your text and images, layer support so you can move text/objects in front of and behind each other, aligning tools, a copy function, and a circular text tool.

Your logo can be saved to your computer without creating a user account, as a 1920x1920 PNG file.

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Logo Factory's Free Logo Maker

The work area at Logo Factory
Logo Factory

Logos created at Logo Factory can have one image and two lines of text, without exception; you cannot add any other text or photos.

The font type, size, position, and color can be adjusted for both lines of text independent of the other, but the logo's image cannot be re-sized, only re-positioned.

Regardless of the limitations with Logo Factory, it is easy to work with and can make a pretty solid logo. When you're finished, you can download the logo as a JPG file without having to build a user account.

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Free Logo Design's Logo Maker

Sample logos at Free Logo Design
Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is easy to use. Just type in your company name and then choose a relevant category where you can find various free designs for use in your logo.

Once generated, you can add more designs on top of your existing one, plus custom text, shapes, and icons, and position all of them however you like. The background color can also be customized.

Free Logo Design supports layering to make it easy to organize all the objects on screen.

When finished, only the 200x200 PNG image is free, and you must enter your email and name to get the download link. Anything larger or in a different format will cost.

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SimWebSol's Free Logo Generator

Free logo generator at SimWebSol

This free logo generator is perfect if you just want a quick way to build a text logo.

After entering in the text you want to use, you can change the font size, type, and color. Special effects like 3D, stroke, shadow, and flip can be applied to the text.

Over a dozen small symbols are available, and you can add one to your logo to either the left or right side of the text; you can't freely move it around.

This logo can be saved to your computer as a JPG, GIF, or PNG. Be sure to mark the Transparent option if you don't want there to be a background color.

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Free Logo Maker at Cool Text

Some of the logo styles available at Cool Text
Cool Text

Cool Text is another website that builds logos but instead of having you upload an image or add various shapes to the canvas, your text is made out of one of many different designs.

This logo maker works by having you choose one or more text designs using your custom text. You can then adjust various settings that have to do with that particular block design, like the text angle, gradient, glow, shadow, outline color, etc.

More than one design can be added to one logo, after which you can save the logo as a PNG image.