7 Free Online GIF Maker Tools for Video

Make GIFs from YouTube or Your Own Videos

There are tons of free GIF maker apps available for both iPhone and Android devices, which you can create using your own videos that you film, but what if you've got a video, a TV show or a movie on your computer that you'd like to use for making GIFs?

Well, there's always Photoshop, GIMP or other types of GIF maker software you can install on your computer, but you may need some time to figure out how to actually use it to make GIFs. Most people want a quicker option than this.

Considering how insanely popular GIF-sharing has grown to become these days, more online tools have become available to help simplify the GIF creation process. And the best part is that they're ridiculously easy and fast to use, no matter how technologically challenged you think you may be.

The following list of online tools for creating GIFs are great if you need a very simple GIF maker option for videos that can be completed in as little as a couple of minutes.

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Animated GIF
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MakeAGIF.com offers a whole bunch of options for your to create GIFs, including GIFs from pictures, your webcam, YouTube videos or a video you have already uploaded on your computer. It even offers free image hosting, so you can upload your GIF and share the URL all over the web.

This is a popular GIF-making platform for lots of users, and you can browse the gallery of GIFs that others have created across all sorts of different categories. Click on any GIF to download it, share it on social media or even see its source.

Meme Center

Meme Center is widely known for its popular meme builder and quick meme features, but its GIF maker tool is pretty great too. You can create animated GIFs or reaction GIFs, and then choose to create it from an existing video, images or from scratch.

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Feel free to even add text and draw on your GIF to give it a little extra touch of personal artistry or web humor. Save it and then share it when you're done.


Imgur is one of the largest and most popular image sharing and hosting platforms online–especially for GIFs. Now you can use it to create your own GIFs from existing videos anywhere online.

All you have to do is paste the URL of the video into the given field and then follow the steps to create the GIF from your chosen clip. Make sure you check out the tutorial for how to use Imgur to create a GIF from a video for a step-by-step walkthrough.


Giphy is the largest search engine for animated GIFs, and now it has a tool of its very own that allows its users who love to discover and share GIFs to actually create their own. Simply copy and paste the URL to a video (from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine or any other compatible site) and start creating!

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Alternatively, you can drag and drop existing video files from your computer to the GIF creator. The video will start playing (without sound) and you'll be able to select the clip you want for your GIF, plus add an optional caption and tags.


Imgflip gives you two options to create GIFs: from a video or from a collection of images. On the video tab, you can either copy and paste the address of a YouTube video into the URL bar, or you can upload your own video in almost any format from your computer.

You may be asked to sign up for an account first before you can start creating. Imgflip also offers several customization options for your GIFs, as well as a Pro version if you need to upload videos larger than 35MB with its current free service.


GIFsoup is a simple GIF maker tool that currently only works with YouTube videos. So, if you have a video on your computer that you'd like to convert into a GIF, you'll have to try one of the other alternatives.

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Simply copy and paste the address of the YouTube video you want to use into GIFsoup and the tool will walk you through the rest after you sign up for an account.


If you absolutely love the six-second social video sharing app Vine, then you'll probably want to know about GIFVine.co for its ability to turn all of your favorite Vine videos into animated GIFs. All you need is the URL of any vine video's post page.

Once you've copied and pasted it into the given field on GIFVine.co, you can convert it to a GIF and download it instantly. Find out more about this great little tool by checking out the tutorial on how to turn Vine videos into GIFs.