7 Free Online Earth Day Games

A fun way to teach kids how to save the earth

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These seven free online Earth Day games have healthy planet themes like recycling and renewable energy sources. Kids can learn a lot while having fun.

Other Earth Day freebies the kids will like are Earth Day coloring pages they can print off and fill in at home, printable word searches, and worksheets for offline Earth Day engagement.

For hundreds of unique online games that aren't necessarily Earth Day themed, see favorite online game websitestime wasters, car games, preschool games, and typing games.

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Michael, Michael, Go Recycle!

Screenshot of the Michael Michael Go Recycle game

You become Michael and walk through the park doing your best to pick up and recycle trash.

Move Michael around the park with the arrow keys and walk over a piece of litter to pick it up. You can only hold five pieces of litter at once, so find a waste bin to put the litter in so you can pick up more.

Watch out for the those litterbugs though, they sure can make a mess!

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Plan It Green

Screenshot of the Plan It Green game
Primary Games

Plan It Green is a city building game. You're the mayor of the town and have to make the city as green as possible. 

This is a point-and-click game. You select what to build, like solar panels and recycling bins, and what to destroy to make a cleaner and more sustainable town.

This is a fun Earth Day game for older kids that will really help teach them about living green.

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Landfill Bin

Screenshot of the Landfill Bill game
Primary Games

In Landfill Bin, you get to sort the recycling that comes across the conveyer belt into the correct recycling bin, but you better do it fast or the ground will become covered in garbage!

As you play, items come across the conveyer belt even quicker, and the more things you're able to place in the bin, the higher your points will be.

You use your mouse to throw the waste across the yard and into the bins.

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Screenshot of the Recycle! game
Primary Games

In Recycle!, you sort glass, paper, and plastic into the right recycling bins, but you're on a one minute timer.

When a bin lights up (whether it be the glass, paper, or plastic bin), you must choose the right item that belongs in that specific recycle bin. 

Incorrect choices don't affect your score. Your goal is to earn as many points as you can in 60 seconds.

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Screenshot of an Earth Day crossword puzzle game
Shephard Software

Fill out this crossword puzzle to test your knowledge of Earth Day. The goal is to fill out the whole board.

If you pick the right word, the word will change color.

There's only one set of question, but the website also has memory games, puzzles, and painting games that are all centered around Earth Day. 

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Every Day Is Earth Day

Screenshot of the game called Every Day Is Earth Day

Every Day is Earth Day is great for younger kids. Click on litter along the river and then move the mouse over the paper, cans, or plastic bucket to drop the item in the right place.

You can't actually fail or lose. The goal is to learn different ways you can get rid of various trash. If you place the wrong item above a bin, nothing happens until you put it in the right bucket.

There are cute little bunnies and deer that you'll see along the path.

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Recycle Roundup

A screenshot of the game Recycle Roundup
National Geographic

Your new friend Gus needs your help cleaning up the park. Help him pick up the waste and put it in the recycling bin, trash can, or compost bin.

Recycle Roundup teaches kids what items can be recycled, composted, and which items truly belong in the trash.