4 Best Free Online Alarm Clocks

A list of free online alarm clocks for your computer

With all these free online alarm clocks available, there's no reason to spend your hard-earned money on an old-fashioned alarm clock or settle for the basic features of your phone's alarm.

Whether you need an alarm clock to wake up, or as a reminder for a task, you're sure to find something you like from this list of the best free online alarm clocks. There are unique features included in each online alarm clock including appearance changes, wake-up choices ranging from songs to weather, and more.

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Onlive Clock

Screenshot of the Onlive Clock website
What We Like
  • Limited options.

  • Includes holiday themes.

What We Don't Like
  • Not intuitive to use.

  • Low-quality graphics.

I like Onlive Clock because it can be simple enough to just set an alarm for whenever you want, or you can use advanced features for more customization.

Use the drop-down menus to set when you want the alarm to go off. The time is saved automatically.

If you want more features, use the settings icon on the bottom right for options like announcing the time every hour; adjusting the clock visuals to a flip, mechanical, LED clock, etc.; enabling the 24-hour clock; displaying seconds; and using a custom background image or color.

There are only a few different alarm sounds to choose from with Onlive Clock, but you are able to search for and add a YouTube video so that the video will play when the alarm goes off.

There's also an option to open any URL you want when the alarm sounds, like music from a different website, weather, etc. A snooze option and notes section is included too, with the option to read the note to you when the alarm is triggered.

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Kuku Klok

Screenshot of the Kuku Klok online alarm clock website
What We Like
  • Night mode changes the background.

  • Easy-to-read digital design.

  • Includes alarm feature.

What We Don't Like
  • Small watch face.

  • Distracting web page design.

Kuku Klok is a very attractive free online alarm clock. With its bright yellow screen and simple layout, you'll wake up happy.

It's easy to set the alarm clock time at Kuku Klok by using the + and - buttons to set the alarm time. The current time is displayed in very small numbers at the top of the alarm. You can choose from a variety of fun sounds like a rooster, guitar, and trumpet that can all be previewed beforehand.

There's also both a day and night mode with this alarm clock so that you can switch to a night scene to look up at the stars.

Click SET ALARM after you've set your wake up time and chosen your sound. After the alarm goes off you'll have the option to stop it or snooze for 10 more minutes.

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Online Alarm Clock

Screenshot of the Online Alarm Clock website
Online Alarm Clock (Xmas Clock).
What We Like
  • Easy-to-read clock face.

  • Dark background is easy on the eyes.

  • Easy to customize.

What We Don't Like
  • On page ads.

  • Some backgrounds are hard on the eyes.

  • Plain design.

If you're looking for a simple and easy to use free online alarm clock, the aptly named Online Alarm Clock is just what you're looking for. The alarm clock features a bright red clock that includes the seconds.

The alarm is very easy to set by using the menus below the clock to set the hour and the minute you'd like the alarm to go off. When the alarm goes off the sound is loud and persistent. There's no way you're sleeping through this one!

In addition to setting an alarm, Online Alarm Clock lets you choose different sounds, start a countdown or timer, watch a fireplace, and others. Two of my favorites are the Nature Sounds & Nature Video Background Alarm and Xmas Clock.

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Radio Online Alarm Clock

Screenshot of a radio online alarm clock from onlinealarmkur.com
What We Like
  • White on black background.

  • Embedded radio station.

  • Includes an alarm clock.

What We Don't Like
  • Distracting comment section.

  • 24-hour format only.

  • Clock digits are small.

A list of free alarm clock websites would not be complete without one that provides a way to play a radio station when you wake up, and that's precisely what this one can do.

Just set the alarm time, choose a radio station, define a snooze time, and then hit the Set the Alarm button to save the changes.

You can preview the radio station with the little play button below that drop-down menu.