7 Free Offline GPS Apps for Android

Exploring off-grid? Use these free offline GPS Apps for Android

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The ability to use GPS with your Android device is a convenience that'll ensure you never get lost, but only offline GPS apps will guarantee you know where you are even if your phone is without an internet connection.

The following free offline GPS apps for your Android will let you discover new places to explore, provide you with maps you can use to travel those locations even if you're completely off-grid.

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Screenshot of the MAPS.ME offline navigation app
What We Like
  • Bookmark locations and share with friends.

  • Provides fastest routes and traffic updates.

  • Find restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, and more.

What We Don't Like
  • GPS use can decrease battery life.

  • Guide downloads are not free.

  • Hiking and cycling routes are not always reliable.

While most free, offline navigation apps for Android require in-app purchases for map downloads, MAPS.ME lets you download full navigation maps of nearly any location in the world.

It's ideal for those trips when you know you'll be traveling off-grid without any cellular data connection at all. It's also useful if you plan to do long-distance traveling and you have a limited data plan that can't support realtime route streaming.

There are also location guides (custom itineraries) available for major cities across the world, but you need to pay to download these.

Maps also include points of interest and hiking trails. All maps are updated regularly by open-source map service OpenStreetMap.

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Screenshot of Offline Apps and Navigation driving screen
What We Like
  • Routes calculated to avoid traffic jams.

  • Speed change alerts to avoid speed traps.

  • Heads up display reflects directions onto window.

  • Free, integrated dashcam.

What We Don't Like
  • Some advanced features require purchase.

  • Some features don't work offline.

  • Need to download maps while online.

Aptly named Offline Maps & Navigation is another offline GPS navigation app with free downloadable maps from across over 200 countries around the world.

The App developers promise that their maps consume less space. This promise seems to hold true. For example, you can download maps for the entire state of California and only consume 601 MB of your mobile storage. All maps are updated for free several times a year.

The app includes voice navigation, points of interest, real-time route and location sharing with friends, and even a GPS walking directions mode.

Some unique features offered include information about parking location and prices, and where to find the cheapest fuel prices near you.

Some of these features require internet access, but offline GPS map navigation is always available off-grid if you've downloaded maps.

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Offline Maps & GPS: HERE WeGo

Screenshots of HERE WeGo app screens
What We Like
  • Transit maps for every major city.

  • Detailed maps include satellite, transit, and traffic.

  • Navigation includes current speed and heading.

What We Don't Like
  • Map download sizes are fairly large.

  • Consumes mobile storage space.

  • Driving view not as detailed as other apps.

This is another useful app that helps you travel anywhere even without an internet connection.

HERE WeGo provides you with access to free maps covering areas all around the world. Browsing for maps starts by continent, and as you drill down to a region or state, maps download to your device for offline use.

Travel information that comes with the downloads includes car, biking, or public transit routes. It also includes terrain information so you can predict how difficult your bike or walking route will be.

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Screenshot of the OsmAnd app navigation screen
What We Like
  • Includes both offline and online navigation modes.

  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation.

  • Share current location with friends when online.

  • Maps are updated monthly.

What We Don't Like
  • Downloading a lot of maps consumes mobile storage.

  • Hourly updates for maps requires subscription.

  • Not all maps are free without a subscription.

This full-featured navigation app has more options than most. It includes offline navigation with car, cycling, or walking routes. All downloadable maps are available for free whenever you have an internet application to access them.

Navigation is just as effective as Google Maps, even offline. Rerouting occurs if you miss any turns, navigation includes time of arrival, and the screen switches between night and day mode automatically.

You can search for points of interest around you even if you're offline. Maps even include detailed hiking and walking paths, perfect for trekking in locations that have no cellular access.

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Hiking & Hunting Maps: Gaia GPS

Screenshot of Gaia GPS hike route planning
What We Like
  • Create tracks to record your hiking trips.

  • Record trips including altitude and distance.

  • Create a library of saved routes plans.

  • Customize map controls.

What We Don't Like
  • Non default map sources are not free.

  • Offline use requires a subscription.

  • Interface is not intuitive.

If you do a lot of hiking, there's no offline GPS app that you'll use quite as often as Gaia GPS.

This app lets you plan out hiking routes at any location across the world. It doesn't matter how remote the location is, because you can download a map of the area you plan to explore (requires subscription).

Maps are displayed in topographical format so you can more easily estimate the difficulty level of the hike. It also includes weather forecast overlays so you're never surprised by conditions on the trail.

The app also includes a complete library of hikes and campgrounds near you. See reviews from other adventurers who visited those locations before you.

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Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails: AllTrails

Screenshot of AllTrails app map display
What We Like
  • Offline map subscription is very affordable.

  • GPS tracker records your path so you never get lost.

  • Share activities to social media.

  • Get trailhead driving directions.

What We Don't Like
  • Offline downloads requires a subscription.

  • GPS Tracker only available with pro download.

  • Free app includes ads.

Most everyone in the hiking community has heard of AllTrails. The company runs one of the most successful hiking trail websites in the world. They also offer this useful offline GPS app that helps you find the best places to go hiking in the world.

Using this app, you can browse for places to go hiking, biking, backpacking, and camping. Once you pick on a location, you'll see a map with a highlighted trail route for you to follow.

Tap the map view to zoom in or out, and explore trail features. Tapping the Plan icon lets you add favorite spots you've found, create a list of trails you want to visit, or see the maps you've downloaded for offline use.

AllTrails is well know for havin the largest collection of topographical trail maps in the world. This app lets you tap into that impressive database.

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Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing: ViewRanger

Screenshot of ViewRanger app map display
What We Like
  • Many map downloads are free.

  • Share current GPS location with friends.

  • Share routes and tracks to social media.

What We Don't Like
  • Skyline feature isn't free.

  • Full access to maps requires upgrade.

  • Menu navigation isn't intuitive.

ViewRanger is another trail-focused offline GPS app that's a lot like AllTrails, but offers many more features for free.

This app offers a free selection of maps from around the world including street maps, satellite images, and topographical maps. For access to the full database, you'll need to make a one-time purchase.

Using ViewRanger, you can click the explore icon to browse through available trails and routes near you. For an annual subscription, you can also use the Skyline tool that lets you use your Android's camera to identify all of the mountain peaks in your area.

The app can also integrate with your OS Wear enabled smartwatch to record your tracks, and view your location information like your current heading, GPS location, and altitude.

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