15 Free Ocean Wallpapers For Your Desktop or Phone

Get your beach fix by downloading these free ocean wallpapers

Business man working with laptop and smartphone beach background
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These free ocean wallpapers will transport you to somewhere you'd much rather be. Let the sparkling ocean, colorful sunsets, and ocean life take you away in these beautiful wallpapers.

From giant waves to sunsets over calm waters, these high-quality ocean wallpapers will look great when added to the background of your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. They'll also look great as a new phone wallpaper.

You might also like these free beach wallpapers if you'd like some sand with your ocean. You can find even more free ocean wallpapers by browsing through the best free wallpaper sites.

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Huge Blue Wave by DesktopNexus

A huge blue ocean wave is about ready to crash into the shore in this free ocean wallpaper. Click Enlarge Wallpaper or Download Now! to get this ocean wallpaper big enough to add to your desktop. The resolution of your monitor is automatically detected, but you can choose the Options button to pick a different size.

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Setting Sun by WallpaperStock

The sun is setting while illuminating the rocks, hills, and ocean in this ocean wallpaper that would look great as your new background. This is ocean wallpaper is in HD and can be downloaded in a bunch of different sizes, for not only desktops but also tablets, smartphones, and websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

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Crystal Blue Sea by DesktopNexus

Turquoise ocean water is the home of some far off sailboats in this lovely wallpaper. This free ocean wallpaper can be used as a background for your computer or cell phone. You can find even more ocean wallpapers at DesktopNexus, thru the Oceans category.

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Warm Water by WallpaperStock

The sky above the ocean here is filled with color as the day draws to a close. You can download this HD ocean wallpaper in four different sizes for normal resolutions, wide resolutions, and HD resolutions, as well as for mobile phones and website cover photos.

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Ocean Waves by Wallpapers Byte

The ocean flexes her strength in this ocean wallpaper. This free ocean wallpaper is available in several different sizes for various devices.

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Sunset on the Water by WallpaperStock

A setting sun comes down upon the deep waters in this stunning ocean wallpaper. You can download this free ocean wallpaper in several different sizes fit specifically different desktop and mobile screen resolutions. WallpaperStock has a whole category here for other free ocean wallpapers.

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Here Come the Waves by UHDWallpapers

You can almost put yourself in this ocean wallpaper and imagine the waves getting ready to roll over you. This free ocean wallpaper is available for your normal, HD, and widescreen desktop.

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Humpback Whale by Wallpaper Safari

A humpback whale takes a leap out of the sea in this ocean wallpaper. Download this free ocean wallpaper in a 1024x768 resolution.

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Waterfall Beach at Wallup

Relax by the ocean as this waterfall bleeds into the beach. You can choose any custom resolution to download this free ocean wallpaper in, or you can select any of the preset ones like 2960x1850, 1920x1080, and others.

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Surfer by More Sky from Surfer Magazine

A surfer battles the sea as he takes on this massive wave. This surfer wallpaper can be downloaded in a ton of different resolutions for normal, wide, and HD computer desktops.

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Wide Open Ocean by Wallpaper Safari

Here's another free ocean wallpaper from Blirk.net. This one is pretty simple; you can see the ocean and sky meet on the horizon. Like the other beautiful ocean wallpapers from this list, you can download this one in resolutions for your normal, widescreen, or HD computer monitor.

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Stunning Forest, Ocean, and Cliffs from Wallpaper Stock

The blue stillness of the ocean meets the rocky cliffs of an island in this free ocean wallpaper from Wallpaper Stock. This wallpaper is available to download in normal, wide, HD, tablet, and mobile resolutions.

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Ocean Foam & Sunrise from Wallpaper Stock

Water foams along a rocky beach as the sun sets in the background in this beautiful ocean wallpaper. You can download this wallpaper for your desktop, tablet, or mobile.

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Clownfish by WallpaperCave

This clownfish is happy to be in the ocean in this colorful ocean wallpaper that the whole family will love. This free ocean wallpaper is already ready for your widescreen desktop as a 1280x800 size.

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School of Fish by Wallpaper Up

This ocean wallpaper has a school of fish enjoying their life under the splendid sea. You can get this wallpaper for your computer monitor in 1920x1080 resolution.