Get the Free Nimbuzz Download for Windows

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Navigate to the Nimbuzz Download Web Site

Nimbuzz is a multi-platform instant messaging app that allows users to message others, create group chats, make audio and video calls, share images, as well as audio and video files. 

To download Nimbuzz for Windows, navigate your web browser to the Nimbuzz download website.

Next, click "Download" in the upper right corner of the website. You will be given options to select your version of Nimbuzz based on your platform. Click the "PC" icon and the setup file will begin downloading (you may be prompted to select a location to save the Nimbuzz setup file (it is an executable file with the ".exe" extension); choose where you want to save it and click the Save File button to start the download).

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Locate the Nimbuzz Download File Icon

Locate the Nimbuzz download setup executable file you downloaded to your desktop—it may be in your Downloads folder (the default location). If you chose a save location for the file in the previous step, locate the .exe file there.

Double-click the file to begin the Nimbuzz installation process. You may be prompted to allow the app to make changes to your PC. Click the Yes button.

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Select Nimbuzz Installer Language

Next, a dialogue window will appear prompting you to choose your preferred language. Use the dropdown to select your preferred language and click Ok button to continue.

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Select Your Nimbuzz Installation

Next, you will select your preferred Nimbuzz installation process.

  • Basic Install will install Nimbuzz with default settings, which include automatically opening Nimbuzz at Windows startup, creating a Nimbuzz icon on the desktop, etc.
  • Advanced Install will take you through steps to define those mentioned above, as well as where you want to install the program on your hard drive.

You will also be asked to accept the Nimbuzz License and User Agreement. These agreements generally outline the liabilities and rights of both the software parent company and the user in using the Nimbuzz software. To accept, check the box.

Click the Next button.

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Your Nimbuzz Installation is Complete

Once Nimbuzz has installed completely, click the Finish button to continue. 

Nimbuzz will start with the login screen. If you already have a Nimbuzz account, sign in to start using the Nimbuzz IM. 

If you don't have a Nimbuzz account yet, sign up for a new Nimbuzz account.