How to Get Free Music Streaming On Campus

Wondering how to get the party started? Try these tips

Girl dancing while listening to her favorite music.
Rock out to your favorite tunes for free with these ideas.

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If you’re addicted to music but are a bit short on cash, don’t panic; we’ll show you how to stream free music using a collection of different devices. Save the extra money for the ramen noodles — here is how you get your next party groovin'.

What You Need To Get Started with Free Streaming Music

Before you bust a move, you’ll need to ensure that you have a way to blast your favorite tunes. Here are a different ways you can get started — a few of which, you might already have laying around the dorm.

The Party Hub: Your Smartphone

Women listening to music on her smartphone.
Your smartphone is an excellent way to access your favorite tunes. Getty Images/Hero Images

This one might seem quite obvious, but you can get the party started directly from your smartphone. By downloading different applications to your device, whether iOS or Android, you can make your device the center of the party. Just remember that you'll need to spend some time as the DJ during the party!

One downside does include the fact that you might not be able to fully utilize your device if it is being dedicated to streaming music. For example, playing the latest snap from your friend will override the music and bring the party to a quick end.

For The 'Loud' effect: Add A Bluetooth Speaker

Small Bluetooth speaker on a table.
A simple Bluetooth speaker can take your music to the next level. Getty Images/Joaqun Segura/EyeEm

Bluetooth speakers seem to be sold at every corner drug store and electronics depot; these little devices can connect with your smartphone wirelessly to emphasize and enhance their sound. The small speaker on your smartphone might be fine for listening to podcasts, but when you want to feel the beats from the latest Drake album or the piercing highs of Tay Sway’s latest break-up song, a Bluetooth speaker will take you far.

If you don’t already have a Bluetooth speaker, be sure to check out our roundup for a few suggestions. Otherwise, feel free to shop around for different options that you might enjoy. Favorite electronic stores will typically have these little gadgets on display so you can opt to sample how they sound.

If you are someone who enjoys bass, you might want to opt for a slightly larger speaker. While small portable variants are great to listen to on the go, larger speakers will typically bring more bass to the party. Consider your preferences before you buy.

The Master DJ Effect: Use A Virtual Assistant

Top view of a virtual assistant device.
Using a virtual assistant is a great way to get your tunes blasting. Getty Images/seewhatmitchsee

Did someone gift you an Amazon Echo Dot or a Google Home device? If you aren’t already aware or haven’t become a part of the virtual assistant craze, you can pick up a small speaker with a built-in robotic assistant for quite cheap. Not only are these devices great at answering your questions, checking the weather, and controlling lights, but they can also belt out some tunes for a heightened music experience.

If you have an Echo or Google Home device, you can open the included companion application on your smartphone to connect it to some of the various free music streaming services we will discuss.

You can also connect to the device directly via Bluetooth, so no matter what source you wish to listen to, it can be heard from across the room.

Let Your Television or Computer Do The Work

Girl dancing while listening to music on her computer.
Don't forget that your television or computer is a great option for listening to music. Getty Images/Hero Images

Guess which devices already have speakers built-in right out of the box? Your television and your Mac or PC! If you are staying local, using your laptop or TV is another great way to get free music from the internet directly to your ears. Your computer can easily access some of the great streaming options mentioned here, and many TVs offer smart capabilities that allow them to also jump on the web.

Be sure to check with your TV’s original manual to understand its capabilities.You can also add on a media box such as an Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, or game console to stream some free tunes. Be sure to check your device’s app store to see if any of the methods we discuss are available for your particular device.

Finding Your Free Streaming Music

When you have your device at the ready, and it comes time to stream your favorite hits, many available free streaming options won’t break the bank. Many services including Spotify, one of the world’s largest music streaming platforms, offer free tiers for those who don’t mind a few ads in-between their songs — there are restrictions, but then again, its an endless music library for no cost.

Spotify app main screen.
Spotify offers a large library of free music to enjoy with their free tier. Spotify

In addition to accessing free tiers of popular streaming services, you can also opt for one of the most popular methods to listen to music at no cost — YouTube. While YouTube has been a great destination for videos, it also contains a vast library of your favorite songs from labels including Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and EMI. You can also try out a third-party site such as Musixhub to easily listen to your favorite albums in organized YouTube playlists.

Musixhub 'Now Playing' webpage
Allow Musixhub to organize your free YouTube music into an easy playlist.  Musixhub

Once you have a method to stream your favorite tunes for free, you’ve unlocked a world of music and its time to throw your next dorm party — just make sure you’re studying is finished! For a complete list of different free music streaming options, be sure to check out our roundup to find the perfect solution for you.