Top Free Mail Checkers for Windows

Looking for a mail checker, but wondering why you should pay for such a small utility? Fortunately, there are some great ones available for free. If you need advanced features or support, you can still turn to one of the reasonably priced commercial or shareware mail checkers.

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EzPop is a mail checker that combines a skinnable interface with useful power and versatile functionality.

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PopTray is a really nice mail checker that also lets you preview and delete messages easily and even has filters to treat specific messages specially.

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EmailTray checks and unifies all your email accounts, tries, in some way, to spot the important messages and lets you know about just these. More »

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PP MailCheck

PP MailCheck is a nice combination of mail checker and remote mailbox management tool with simple anti-spam filters thrown in.

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ePrompter is an efficient mail checker with support for many account types, but no filtering options, unfortunately.

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POP Peeper

POP Peeper is a nice new mail announcer and smart tool for browsing and quickly deleting mail in a POP, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail account. It's a pity POP Peeper doesn't work with IMAP accounts and lacks (spam) filters.

jetMailMonitor is a clever and smart tool that will check multiple email accounts with a number of useful options. More »

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Inbox is a really nice and really useful mail checker for POP and IMAP accounts. It's a pity Inbox doesn't display message info as it announces and you can't use any filtering. More »

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