The 11 Best Free Email Clients for Mac 2017

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Examine these email programs for macOS and discover the best free email client for your needs.

Finding the Best Free Email Client for Mac—by Default?

A free email client does come already installed and ready for use with macOS (OS X), and macOS Mail is not a bad program at all.

Never should you be satisfied with a default email client, though—not until you have examined its free alternatives. Here are the best free email clients for Mac OS X to try; it will be a joy, I can promise you that.

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Mac OS 10
image copyright Apple

macOS Mail (OS X Mail) is a solid, feature-rich and spam-eliminating, but also an extremely nice and easy to use email client. More »

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Spark for macOS Icon
Spark for macOS. Readdle Inc.

Spark is an impressive email program that, for instance, auto-organizes your inboxes and lets you postpone email easily as well as send quick one-click replies. More »

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Canary Mail Icon
Canary Mail. Mailroom Technologies LLP

Pointing out key mail and letting you deal with the bulk in bulk; offering to snooze incoming emails and track the outgoing (with the option to block other tracking you); finding emails fast and saving searches for re-use, Canary Mail is one impressive IMAP email program. It makes email look good, too. More »

Nylas Logo
Nylas. Nylas, Inc.

Aimed at the professional email user, Nylas Mail boasts mail merge, reminders, and the option to schedule mail—all available in a pro edition. For free, you get a clean and highly productive as well as expandable email program (that includes thrills such as link and open tracking, quick reply templates and undo send, for instance). More »

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Polymail. Polymail, Inc.

In addition to all you would expect from a smart, basic email program, Polymail lets you postpone email to be read later and in turn will track whether the emails you have sent were read… A pro version adds message templates and other features more. More »

Mozilla Thunderbird Logo
Image copyright Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully featured, secure and very functional email client. It lets you handle mail efficiently and with style, and Mozilla Thunderbird filters away junk mail too. More »
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Opera Logo
Opera. Opera Software
The Opera email client is a slick and flexible interface that will satisfy almost all your email needs, and Opera integrates RSS feeds in this experience as well. Some may find the message editor lacking a bit in power, and the absence of support for encrypted email is unfortunate. More »
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Mulberry is a powerful and incredibly versatile email client available for all the popular platforms. If there is something Mulberry lacks, it is simplicity. More »
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Mailsmith, the email client from the makers of BBEdit, is just as powerful and feature-rich as the text editor.
It's a pity Mailsmith supports POP accounts only, and an—adequately empowering—rich-text editor could be a neat addition, too. More »

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Alpine is powerful console email program that makes you use email productively with automation aplenty and nary a distraction. More »
Never underestimate Mozilla! The email component of this open source browser is a solid performer, fully featured and handsomely usable. More »