11 Free Language Exchange Websites

Free websites for conversation exchange with a partner

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Using a free language exchange program is a great way to learn a new language because you get to teach someone else a language you understand while they help you with the language you want to learn.

These free conversation exchange websites work by connecting you with someone over a text, audio, and/or video service to facilitate communication. Usually, you'll simply contact someone over a text chat or email first, and then you can both decide the best way to continue talking.

If you can't find what you're looking for in a language exchange website, or you'd like additional training, maybe you'd be better off learning on your own. There are plenty of free language learning websites and free mobile apps that you can access 24/7 without needing to interact with another person.

Take full advantage of free language learning resources with online lessons, games, and worksheets to learn popular languages like English, Spanish, and French. You can also learn sign language and baby sign language online absolutely free.

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Conversation Exchange

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Conversation Exchange makes it really easy to find someone to help you learn a language. You can look specifically for a penpal that you can practice reading and writing with, a partner that is willing to talk with you over voice or video chat, and/or for someone you can physically meet up with.

An advanced search tool lets you describe your perfect language partner. You can choose what language they speak, what language they’re learning (what you’re proficient in), their skill level, country, town, time zone, type of exchange, age, gender, and name.

You can sort the search results by last login date to find a language partner that’s actively using the website. Details about the type of exchange each user is willing to participate in are shown in each profile.

Once you've found someone on Conversation Exchange that fits your requirements, you can add them as a contact and send them a private message to get all the details sorted out about how you’ll communicate.

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The Mixxer

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The Mixxer works by having you build a simple user account defining the languages you speak and the ones you want to learn. You can also specify if you have a Skype account that you want to share with the public.

Once logged on to the website, you can search for users who can help you learn the language you’re interested in, message or call them on Skype, and send them private messages through The Mixxer.

You can even see when a user was last logged in to The Mixxer, which helps you sift through inactive accounts, as well as view a list of all the currently logged in users, with a link to each profile.

In addition to contacting individual users, you can post publicly accessible writings that any user from The Mixxer can correct you on so as to improve your writing skills.

Visit their FAQ page for some tips on how to get the most out of Mixxer. 

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Easy Language Exchange

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Start using Easy Language Exchange by picking the language you want help with, and then choosing what language you're fluent in. The search tool will find all the users that match that criteria.

There are currently tens of thousands of users at Easy Language Exchange. I was able to find multiple thousands that matched my search. You can quickly browse through all the matching users to see what languages they speak and which ones they're learning.

A list of online users are shown on the bottom right of the website, where you can instantly chat with any of them.

You can also add other users as friends as well as send any of them a private or public message to decide how you want to proceed with the language exchange.

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Speaky is remarkably easy to use, and I got two friend requests nearly immediately after completing my profile, which verifies that the site is pretty full of active users.

A fully integrated, clean, and very intuitive chat program is available, which you can use to chat with people you add as friends. You can also speak over audio and video with the built-in calling feature.

Speaky has a translator that's always accessible at the bottom of the page that you can use to translate any text to your native language, or vice versa, for quick help when chatting with someone using a different language.

One option in the settings of your profile will bock all non-native speakers from contacting you. This means you can rest assured that the people who try to help you are knowledgeable of the language and won't be wasting your time.

You can also use this website through the Speaky Android app.

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I really like how the Papora website works. It's easy to navigate around and search for uses, plus you can do more than just message people.

There's a writing section where you can post text and have other users comment on how accurate it is. They can be single sentences or multiple paragraphs, and someone who knows the language can explain where you went wrong.

The Groups section of the website is simply a forum where you can post a question or request and have other users publicly answer you. It may be easier to find a language exchange partner through the forum than simply waiting on someone to message you through the search tool.

In addition to the above, Papora lets you add users as friends, private message them, and send a smile. Your profile can include multiple languages (and your skill level) that you know and/or would like to learn, plus there's a text area where you can write anything else you'd like people to know about you.

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Thousands of users have joined Lazywill to freely exchange their expertise under the condition that you help them learn a language you're familiar with.

When setting up your account, you can specify the type of partnership you're looking for. You can sign up for a normal exchange where you're both learning the other person's native language, and/or you can choose to find users who are looking to learn the same language as you so you can both practice and learn together.

One thing that I found different about Lazywill, that most of these other language exchange websites lack, is the ability to search for a user by their skill level in the language they're trying to learn. For example, if you're a native English speaker, and would like to help only a novice speaker, you can choose to do so instead of helping an intermediate or advanced user.

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There are over 6,000 registered users at LingoGlobe, and making a new account is as easy as choosing the languages and skill level you know, as well as the ones you want to learn.

You can also define how you'd like your communication with others to be done, such as through email, voice/phone calls, video chat, text chat, and/or face to face.

One thing that sets LingoGlobe apart from nearly all other language exchange sites is that users can't bombard you with messages until you've both agreed on an exchange. And proposing a language exchange is as simple as clicking one button.

I like LingoGlobe because the search function is extremely easy to use. Once you find a user, you can see all the details they chose when they made their account, such as the languages they need to learn. 

There's also a forum and a chat room that all the logged in users can participate in at once, which are other quick ways to find a language exchange partner. Plus, the homepage shows you new users as well as ones that are currently online.

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Scrabbin isn't much different than any other language exchange program. You can add multiple languages that you understand and can teach, as well as more than one language that you're seeking to learn.

You can search for other users by their gender, city, and of course language. Users can be contacted by sending them private messages, after which you can setup something external like Skype, phone calls, text messages, etc.

There's also a forum where all users can interact with each other.

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Language Share

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Send private messages and add users to a list of favorites at Language Share.

You can search for people between two particular ages, by gender, country, and by the language you can teach them.

In addition to filling out the languages you know and want to learn, your profile can contain information about yourself and/or what you want to get out of an exchange.

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The interface and overall feel of TongueOut.net looks more like a social network website than the other ones in this list, but that's definitely not a bad thing.

You can add photos, info, videos, and links to your profile to have people better understand who you are, and they can send you private messages as well as public ones.

It's easy to find where you're going at TongueOut.net so you can access the search utility to find a language exchange partner, but also open groups, events, chat rooms, and games from the main menu.

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Paljit is another free language exchange website. While the site itself clean and easy to use, there really isn't anything to it except user profiles and a messaging service.

Paljit's search tool lets you find users in a specific country within a certain age range that are male or female, or you can browse through all the users at once.

Unfortunately, you can't define what language you want your penpal to speak/write, so you'll have to poke around to find someone that can help you with the language you're learning.

Ultimately, I'd use Paljit only if some of these other websites turn out to be unhelpful.