16 Best Free Kindle Book Sites for Kids

Get children's ebooks for free

These free Kindle books for kids will encourage them to read more and will save you the money and time from going to the bookstore.

You'll be surprised at all the free books that are out there. Non-fiction and fiction books, from everything from animals to fairies. These websites have titles for all ranges of kids, too, from toddlers all the way up to young adults.

If you don't want to hear stories all day long, consider purchasing a pair of headphones for your child. There are some great headphone options on the market designed just for kids.

Please be aware that some of the books that you'll come across are only free for a limited time. Before you download anything, double-check that the title is listed for $0.00 before you grab it.

Are you looking for even more books? We have a list of the best places to find free Kindle books which will help you find a good book, too. You'll also want to check out these lists of how to get more free books and where you can download free audio books. Do you have a Nook instead of a Kindle? No worries, you can find lots of free Nook book downloads as well.

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Amazon's Free Kids Ebooks

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What We Like
  • Each subcategory has 100 free books.

  • Syncs perfectly with Kids Edition Fire Tablets.

What We Don't Like
  • Easy for kids to accidentally purchase things on Amazon.

  • Not all Amazon content is kid friendly.

The first place you should go to find free Kindle books for kids is Amazon. Nearly every website in this list points you to Amazon's website anyway, so visiting it directly will take you right to the source.

The kids' eBooks at Amazon are categorized in the Children's eBooks section, and there are plenty of subsections to help organize them, such as Animals, Sports & Outdoors, Comics & Graphic Novels, Early Learning, and Action & Adventure.​​

The kid books listed here are the top 100 best sellers, and they're updated often.

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What We Like
  • Includes in-depth information about each title.

  • Filter books by length.

What We Don't Like
  • Some books aren't free.

  • Limited selection of kids books.

With handy features and around 20 subcategories under the ​Children's eBooks genre, you can surely find lots of free Kindle books for kids at eReaderIQ.

Amazon's star rating, number of reviews, and descriptions are shown for each book without having to leave the website. You can also see when they last checked that the book was free, which is really nice.

These Kindle books can be sorted so you can find the most recently added ones, those with the highest star rating, and eBooks that have the most reviews.

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Project Gutenberg

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What We Like
  • Huge collection of non-English titles.

  • Books are alphabetized like a real library.

What We Don't Like
  • Options might be too overwhelming for kids.

  • Search feature could be easier to use.

Another place to find free Kindle books for kids is Project Gutenberg. With over a dozen subsections like History, Literature, Picture Books, and Book Series, you're bound to find something worth reading.

You're able to read these eBooks online as well as download them for a Kindle and copy them to cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

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What We Like
  • Nice selection of mystery, fantasy, and science fiction titles.

  • Has a newsletter that sends info on new free books to your email.

What We Don't Like
  • Lack of a genre-targeted search makes it challenging to find books you want.

Among other genres, FreeBooksy has free Kindle books for kids found in the Children's and Young Adult sections.

New books are added often, but not always in this particular category, which means the ones you browse through may already be expired.

Their email subscription service is great because you can sign up to receive children's books only instead of other genres.

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What We Like
  • Website supports dozens of languages.

  • Wide selection of classics and obscure older books.

What We Don't Like
  • Includes lots of links to other websites.

  • Limited selection of newer titles.

  • Must sign on to read the books.

ManyBooks.net's free kids books are in a category called Young Readers, and there are thousands to choose from.

You can filter the books by language and/or rating, and sort them alphabetically, by author, by rating, or by popularity.

Each download page has lots of useful information, such as the number of downloads, page count, publish date, and an excerpt from the book.

You can download these free eBooks in a number of formats, such as the AZW Kindle format, or others like PDB, EPUB, PDF, or RTF. You can read these titles in your web browser or send most of them directly to an Amazon device using the Send to Kindle app.

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OHFB.com (OneHundredFreeBooks)

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What We Like
  • Frequently posts about new free books on social media.

  • Nice mix of new and old books.

What We Don't Like
  • Adult literature is listed right under the children's section.

  • Very ad-heavy interface.

OHFB.com has plenty of free Kindle books, and some are sectioned off into categories like Children's and Young Adult.

You can scroll through and look at each book's cover; clicking one takes you to the description which includes the download link, the publisher's description, and the regular, non-discounted price.

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Freebook Sifter

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What We Like
  • Sign up for daily alerts about new free books.

  • Shows up to 100 free titles per page.

What We Don't Like
  • No pictures of book covers.

  • Bland, text-heavy interface isn't very kid-friendly.

There are hundreds of free Kindle books for kids that you can find at Freebook Sifter, and several subcategories help organize them.

You can browse for eBooks in sections like Fairy Tales, Humor, Ages 4-8, Ages 9-12, Literature, and Animals.

You can also search for Kindle books and sort the kids' books by average rating, the number of ratings, and the date the title was added to the site.

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Child Reading on Digital Graphic Tablet


What We Like
  • Nonfiction section has excellent resources for students.

  • Helpful FAQ section about eBooks.

  • No user account necessary.

What We Don't Like
  • Contains distracting advertisements for other websites.

The kids sections of free eBooks at DigiLibraries are categorized as Juvenile Fiction and Juvenile Nonfiction, both with subcategories to further organize the 2,000+ titles.

The kids books are in genres such as Lifestyles, Magic, Careers, Girls & Women, Horror & Ghost Stories, Fantasy, Boys/Men, and Science Fiction.

Different books may have different file format options for download, like PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.

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Girl reading on a tablet while in bed


What We Like
  • Lots of free middle grade and young adult titles.

  • Active blog with suggestions for kids books.

  • Several download options.

What We Don't Like
  • Only a few titles for younger children.

  • Obnoxious pop-up ads.

BookBub is another place where you can find free and discounted Kindle books for kids.

There's a specific section for children's books labeled Children's, and another as ​Middle Grade, but they aren't all free to download; you have to check the prices to be sure. You can see all the free books here but they aren't categorized by kids-only titles.

You get direct links to the download pages (Amazon, Google, Kobo, etc.) so you can read reviews and see ratings, but there's also a dedicated page that will show you a description of the book and some sharing buttons if you wish to share it over social media sites.

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Centsless Books

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What We Like
  • All children's books are listed on a single page.

  • No advertisements.

What We Don't Like
  • List of categories isn't alphabetized for some reason.

  • No subcategories.

You're here to find Kindle books that don't even cost a penny, and that's what Centsless Books is all about.​

There are plenty of children's eBooks available, and the website updates every hour for even more. The genre that has free eBooks for kids is called Children's eBooks, but there might be some suitable ones under Teen & Young Adult, too.

Centsless Books' website lets you browse and search for free Kindle books as well as subscribe for free email updates.

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girl using tablet computer

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What We Like
  • Social media widgets make it easy to share information about book deals.

  • Updated each and every day.

  • Tells you if the book is still free before clicking it.

What We Don't Like
  • Only three books per category are featured each day.

  • Must create an account to browse deals from previous days.

Every day, three new free Kindle books for kids are added to eBookDaily. Scroll down the page until you find Children’s Books, and you can hover your mouse over the cover images to read the books' description and see its author.

Also available is the star rating and number of reviews from Amazon. Clicking the download button will take you directly to Amazon.

Some of the books added to this site may be free for just one day only, which means you should stay on top of the updates to take advantage of the deals. A free subscription service is available that will send you the daily Kindle books directly to your email in any genre you choose.

There's also a section called Teen & Young Adult, which, depending on the age of the reader, might be preferred.

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BookGoodies for Kids

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What We Like
  • Includes extensive information about each book.

  • Tags and subcategories help streamline searches.

What We Don't Like
  • Some books listed are no longer free.

  • Many titles require a Kindle Unlimited account to read for free.

BookGoodies for Kids has free and bargain books for children and young adults.

You can clearly see when a free book will expire and start to cost, which is helpful. The site also tells you the target age for the book, like if it's for kids 2-8 years of age, and shows an excerpt.

A free newsletter is available that lets you stay up to date with new releases through your email, but they also have a Facebook and Twitter page that posts updates.

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The Savvy Bump

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What We Like
  • Attractive web design.

  • Offers parenting and pregnancy tips.

What We Don't Like
  • Search tool is too easily hidden.

  • Tons of ads on the side of the page.

  • Doesn't update very often.

The Savvy Bump is a great place to find free stuff for kids, such as Kindle books. Each book has Amazon's description of it as well as a direct link to the download.

You're able to enter your email address at The Savvy Bump to get free deals sent to your inbox so you don't have to check the website.

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Man reading to boy in bed
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What We Like
  • No late fees on overdue library books.

  • Borrow audio books for free.

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a library card from your local library.

Participating libraries let you check out free Kindle kids books through OverDrive, similar to checking out a physical, paper book.

Over 300,000 eBooks for children are available in sections of this website like Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Non-Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, and Young Adult Literature.

Once you've had a book for a few weeks, it will automatically be taken off your Kindle, which is a bit similar to a regular book lending program that involves non-digital books.

For more information on how OverDrive works, see Amazon's customer service on how to borrow Kindle books from a public library.

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Children using digital tablet at night

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What We Like
  • Lots of unique books for kids.

  • Some books can be read online, others downloaded.

  • No need to make a user account.

  • Several categories split up books by age group.

What We Don't Like
  • Website is often very slow; sometimes never loads.

FreeKidsBooks.org is an accurate name because that's all they have on this site: free books for toddlers have lots of pictures and few words, children books are few pictures and lots of words, and the free eBooks for kids and young adults have no significant pictures and are more lengthy.

You can pick any age group to see the selections in those categories, and every section can be sorted by popularity and date.

Below the description of each book is the download count and, for some, a Read Online option if you'd rather do that than download it. Many files have two options: PDF and EPUB.

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The Fussy Librarian

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What We Like
  • Downloads are made through Amazon.

  • Two categories for various ages.

What We Don't Like
  • Small selection.

  • Filtering tool doesn't work.

A handful of more kids eBooks can be found at The Fussy Librarian. Select any and you'll go straight to Amazon where you can send the book directly to your Kindle.

There aren't a ton of choices for kids books, though. A small collection is categorized as Children's/middle grade and a few more under Young adult. Unfortunately, adult books are listed right next to them and the filtering option to hide them doesn't appear to work.

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