10 Best Free Jeopardy Templates

Download and customize a Jeopardy game for free

These Jeopardy templates will help you create custom Jeopardy games for your students to prepare for a test, review prior information, or be introduced to a new unit.

Students of all ages, from elementary school to high school, enjoy playing Jeopardy as a fun break from traditional learning. They won't even realize how much they're learning!

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The templates listed below can be opened in PowerPoint or a free presentation software program. Each file can be customized to some degree. Some will have a completely blank board, while others have questions and answers already filled out for you. They can be used for any school subject and are great for homeschooling as well.

There are many other PowerPoint game templates to help your students learn; we especially recommend the Family Feud templates for a fun test review game.

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Free Jeopardy Google Slides Template

A Jeopardy template in blue and yellow.
Eric Curts
What We Like
  • Works online; no download required.

  • Provides instructions.

  • Includes Final Jeopardy.

  • You can download the template for MS Office or OpenOffice.

What We Don't Like
  • Must save the template to your computer to use it in PowerPoint and other desktop apps.

This Jeopardy template opens in the free Google Slides and has complete instructions on how to edit and run the game. It makes the process simple and fun.

There's room for five topics on the board as well as Final Jeopardy. This template makes adding your own questions and answers easy.

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Free Jeopardy Template From Youth Downloads

A Jeopardy template splash screen
Youth Downloads
What We Like
  • Includes an intro theme song and sound effects.

  • There's a countdown timer in the template.

  • Provides a video to help you set up the template.

  • Final Jeopardy is a part of the template.

What We Don't Like
  • The download link is sent to your email.

Youth Downloads has created a Jeopardy template that is incredibly easy to use. It has room for six categories with five questions and answers per category, complete with a Final Jeopardy round.

Go through the slides and enter your categories, answers, and questions, and then you're ready to play.

If you find you need more help setting it up, they have a ​helpful video through the link below that will take you through all the steps in getting it up and running.​

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Jeopardy Game Maker From Speight Instructional Design

The first screen of a Jeopardy game played in PowerPoint

 Speight Ed / Teachers Pay Teachers

What We Like
  • Includes Daily Double slides.

  • Provides a full user guide for help setting up the template.

  • Includes sounds.

  • Comes as a PPTX file that works with PowerPoint.

What We Don't Like
  • You have to make a free user account on the site first.

  • The download comes in multiple files in a ZIP archive.

  • It's not as visually appealing as other Jeopardy templates.

Teachers Pay Teachers has a free download available for a Jeopardy template created by Speight Instructional Design.

This template has everything you need, including the slideshow template, songs for both thinking and the daily double, and a user guide that takes you through the process of creating your own Jeopardy game.

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Free Jeopardy Template Review Game From Connor Bradley

Editing a Jeopardy game template in PowerPoint

 Connor Bradley / Teachers Pay Teachers

What We Like
  • Comes with a score sheet.

  • Provides two templates, one with answer slides and one without.

  • Simple design with minimal effects.

  • Instructions are provided.

What We Don't Like
  • The download is an archive that you have to extract to see the files.

  • A free user account is required to access the download link.

Here's another free download of a jeopardy template from Teachers Pay Teachers, this one created by Connor Bradley.

The download includes the Jeopardy game template, game instructions, a score sheet, and a link to a video tutorial to get it all set up.

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JeopardyLabs' Free Jeopardy Templates

A math Jeopardy template
Jeopardy Labs
What We Like
  • You can make your own Jeopardy template online.

  • Lets you find free templates made by other users.

  • Provides a scorekeeping method at the bottom of the template.

  • No download required.

  • Edit templates made by others.

What We Don't Like
  • No option to save the template as a presentation file to your computer (but you can save as an HTML file).

JeopardyLabs allows you to create a Jeopardy game that's played right in the browser, no slideshow program needed. If you don't want to spend time making your own, there are over 2 million pre-made games available.

You can specify the number of teams that will play, the categories, and the answers and questions. A scorekeeper at the bottom of the game makes it easy to keep track of how everyone is doing.

Since this runs through a browser, it makes it easy to have students play it on their own or in small groups. 

JeopardyApp is a very similar website if you want to try something else like JeopardyLabs.

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Instant Jeopardy Template Maker

instant jeopardy review template
What We Like
  • Runs entirely online.

  • You can print the answer key.

  • Join a game from any computer.

  • Slides are fully customizable.

What We Don't Like
  • No option to download the template.

Use your browser and fill in five categories along with five questions in each category. There's also room for a Final Jeopardy question and answer.

The game is played right in the browser. It can be viewed on a screen in the classroom, individually by the students, or the students can all join a live game that you set up. 

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Advanced Jeopardy Template

Screenshot of a blue Jeopardy PowerPoint template

Kevin Dufendach, MD / Medical and Educational Tools

What We Like
  • Keeps track of the score automatically.

  • Supports eight or four players.

  • Includes Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy.

  • Questions can be imported automatically.

  • Provides detailed instructions.

  • There's a countdown timer.

What We Don't Like
  • Might be confusing to use if you want just a simple game.

This template has macros, which means there's a countdown timer, scorecard, and randomly placed Daily Double slides. Plus, the game board is wonderfully designed and looks really nice.

You can add the questions into the game or into a spreadsheet which you can then import into the game.

It works with eight or four players, depending on the template you download, and includes Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy.

The correct and incorrect buttons are used to keep score throughout the game. If you have any questions on how the template works, there are thorough instructions on the second slide.

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Rules and Procedures Jeopardy Template

A Jeopardy PowerPoint slide about classroom procedures

 Lee Ann Burger / Teachers Pay Teachers

What We Like
  • It's very easy to edit; just click and type.

  • Includes Daily Double and Final Jeopardy.

  • There's a theme song and sound effects.

What We Don't Like
  • The Jeopardy logo is blurry.

  • A free user account is required to get the download.

This Jeopardy template at Teachers Pay Teachers is all about classroom rules and procedures. It's a great idea that will really help students remember the rules of your classroom.

You can use this template for your own classroom procedures or for any other classroom review or unit introduction. Just click and type to change any of the text.

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Classic Jeopardy

The home screen of a Jeopardy PowerPoint game

Dr. Kevin Culpepper

What We Like
  • Small file size.

  • Color coded categories.

  • Home button on each slide.

  • Team edition available.

What We Don't Like
  • Some titles are missing.

  • Difficult to read text on some slides.

This classic Jeopardy game has 6 categories that students can choose from as well as a final Jeopardy. Some of the slides are filled out as examples, making it easy to modify for your own needs.

There's also a team edition available if you'd like to divide your classroom into smaller teams for the game.

The regular and team template are both available as a Google Slides file. The latter is also downloadable as a PPTX file.

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slidescarnival jeopardy template
What We Like
  • Clean, modern design with rich colors.

  • Includes free icons.

  • No user account needed to download the file.

What We Don't Like
  • No Final Jeopardy slide.

  • No sound effects.

This is another Jeopardy template available as a Google Slides or PowerPoint file (but you can of course use it with any program that supports PPTX files).

Aside from the game's clean and modern design, what makes this template unique is the world map and set of 80 icons toward the end of the presentation that you can use throughout the game. Just copy them wherever you want to use them!

SlidesCarnival is a website full of PowerPoint and Google Slides templates and themes. You can find other downloads here by color, theme, or keyword.

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