126 Free Downloadable Gold Layer Styles for Photoshop

Applying a gold style to an Adobe Photoshop layer is the easiest way to give your text or images a gold look, and there are plenty of free gold styles to choose from.

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How to Use These Gold Layer Styles

DeviantArt is a great resource for free gold layer styles for Photoshop.

Some of these gold layer styles download in an archive (like ZIP or RAR) that you must extract the ASL file from. Use a program like 7-Zip to unpack them.

If you're not sure how to use styles in Photoshop, read our guide for how to open an ASL file and how to import the style into Adobe Photoshop, which involves using the Styles palette from the Window > Styles menu.

80 Gold Layer Styles for Photoshop From jen-ni via DeviantArt

With this layer style pack from jen-ni at DeviantArt, you'll get a huge variety of shiny and glittery layer styles. Most of these styles are gold in color but others are silver and even black. Some even have a pop-out 3D effect.

This free gold layer style pack includes 80 styles that will all be imported into Photoshop when you open the ASL file — there's just one file that includes all 80. After you extract the contents of the RAR file, open the Gold.asl file in Photoshop to use these gold layer styles.

8 Photoshop Gold Layer Styles from DiZa-74 via DeviantArt

This collection of gold layer styles from DeviantArt's DiZa-74 might be small but it's definitely a nice pack to have.

These layer styles are a bit darker than the ones from jen-ni but they're perfect for projects that require that look and feel. These styles also have more of a simple look to them — there isn't a 3D feel to these styles.

These styles are contained in a RAR archive file. Extract the ASL from it to use it with Photoshop. There's also a PSD file in this download but it's really only useful as a preview for the styles.

2 Gold Layer Styles for Photoshop From mildak via DeviantArt

These gold-themed layer styles are also from DeviantArt, from the user mildak. They closely resemble the effect shown in the image at the top of this page but do have a few differences.

These will fill your text with a style that makes it look like the text is really made of gold, along with a gold plate surrounding the outside edges. One of the styles is shinier around the edges, but otherwise, they're basically the same.

Open the ZIP archive to get this ASL file.

35 Photoshop Gold Layer Styles From Andrei-Oprinca via DeviantArt

This DeviantArt user offers 35 free layer styles that mix traditional gold themes with new ones that will definitely give you some variety when compared to the other styles on this page.

Many of these gold layer styles have fun patterns to put a spin on the "regular" gold theme you might be thinking of, like faded and worn-out looks. However, there are some standard gold layer styles here too that are simply solid yellow or shiny.

1 Photoshop Gold Layer Style From CorouD at DeviantArt

There's only one gold layer style in this download but it provides a nice gradient. Use larger text with this style.

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