Free and Fun Websites for Girls

These High-Quality Websites Are Designed Just for Girls

Teen girls having fun

Despite all of the many websites out there, it can be challenging to find quality and fun websites for girls. Sure, they like some of the same sites as the boys, but sometimes they want their own spaces to visit, too.

Here are websites with fun games and activities for girls. Parents should know that many of them include branding for a particular company or product. That's what keeps them free.

American Girl Fun for Girls

The American Girl Fun for Girls website is full of games that include or are inspired by beloved American Girl characters and stories. You don't have to be an American Girl fan to have fun, though.

There are puzzle, action, word, maze and match three games. In fact, there are plenty of activities that boys will enjoy as well.

This site is geared toward elementary and middle school students.

The Adventures of Josie True

The Adventures of Josie True is a Flash-based Web adventure. Josie, a Chinese American girl, sets out to find her missing teacher and must solve a variety of science, math and logic puzzles along the way.

The puzzles are just challenging enough and will be engaging for tweens and some teens (it's based on a 5th-grade curriculum). A follow-up adventure has Josie traveling to Ancient Egypt. 

Strawberry Shortcake

This Strawberry Shortcake site is presented by American Greetings. It has videos, printable activity sheets, and some cute games.

Girls may like the baking competition where they wow the judges with their creativity and logic. Or maybe they would rather pick berries in Strawberry Shortcake's garden. The site also has games and activities for other cute characters like Holly Hobbie and the Care Bears.

The Strawberry Shortcake website is geared toward girls ages six through ten, although some of the printables are appropriate for younger children.

Miss O and Friends

Miss O and Friends is a website for tween girls. While not the fanciest of sites on the list, it's girl-friendly with special interest groups, games, music and news.

Be prepared for plenty of advertising here, but also plenty of genuine girl talk.

My Pop Studio

My Pop Studio challenges girls to think about media messages through some innovative and fun games.

In the music studio, girls can create their own pop star with her own look and message. They can then design their own song from a variety of elements and watch their pop star perform it. Other girls can rate the performance and try to guess the message that is trying to be conveyed.

Girls can also create a television clip, comic book or magazine layout. Each activity teaches a different lesson, but they're educational without being too preachy.

Additional materials are available on the site for educators who want to use the activities in the classroom.

This site is most appropriate for teens and older tweens.

Beacon Street Girls

Beacon Street Girls is the online home to the diverse characters in the Beacon Street Girls series of books. It will be most enjoyable to girls who have read the books, but there are plenty of games available to appeal to even those who have not.

This site is geared toward tweens.