21 Free French Games to Help You Learn and Improve

French games to test your knowledge

Learning French is a whole lot easier when you engage with the language, which is why you should periodically play games to test what you know. They're lots of fun and will give you a break from the more formal courses you might be taking.

These games are ordered by difficulty, so you can work through them top to bottom to test what you know about French verbs, numbers, phrases, greetings, vocabulary, colors, and more.

See these free language learning apps if you're stuck on some of these concepts. They have full courses you can walk through to learn basically everything you're tested on in these games.

Easier French Games

Sporcle french numbers quiz

See how skilled you are at these easier French games, which test everything from numbers and words to colors and phrases.

  • Number Mix and Match: Do you know your French numbers? Drag each English number 1–10 into the correct boxes to win the game.
  • List the Numbers: Do you know the language's 1–10 numbers? What about higher ones? In this game, list out dozens of numbers before you run out of time.
  • Number Spelling: Test your spelling of numbers with this timed, multiple-choice game.
  • Number Labeling: Match the numbers with the French words for those numbers. You're tested on 1–9. This is the same game but for 10–18.
  • Spell 10 Colors: Before the timer runs out, spell the word for each color you're given.
  • Beetle and the Bee: Move the beetle around the screen to collect the strawberry in each level, while also avoiding the bee. Once you've collected the fruit, answer the multiple-choice question that asks what the picture is in French, and then move through to the next levels.
  • Fruits & Vegetables: Select the food item that matches the text or audio you see or hear on the screen. You can also learn the words before you play.
  • Multiple Choice Phrases: Learn a handful of common phrases and then test your knowledge of them with a text and audio multiple choice game.
  • English to French Time: Type out the French word for each time term, like day, year, century, in the morning, etc.
  • Random Translations: Check your skills by translating a handful of random English words using the multiple-choice answers.
  • Four in a Row: Choose a topic for the game's questions, click the pictures you see on the screen, and decide which word the image is describing. You'll win if you get four in a row correct.

More Difficult French Games

french hangman game

These are a bit harder than the previous ones, with spelling, addition, and harder translations. 

  • Body Parts: See how many body parts you can name in French before the time runs out.
  • Battleship With Numbers: This Battleship game has a French twist from the classic version. If you successfully locate the opponent's ship, you must choose the correct multiple choice number (1–60) that is the written translation in French before making an actual hit. There are three game modes to play easy, medium, or hard.
  • Jeopardy: Test your basic knowledge with numbers, greetings, months, and colors with this interactive game that resembles Jeopardy. You can choose one or two player.
  • Spelling Jeopardy: This one is a mix of the previous one and a spelling game. You're given English words and phrases that you must spell in French while collecting Jeopardy-like points.
  • Verb Challenge: Another style of Jeopardy where you must enter the correct verb in French.
  • Translate 200 Vocabulary Words: Translate these English words before the 15-minute timer runs down.
  • Hangman: Guess the word or phrase by choosing different letters, but don't get too many wrong or you'll quickly lose.
  • Irregular Verbs: Identify and spell out the French irregular verbs before the time runs down.
  • Subjunctive Challenge: Practice conjugating verbs.
  • Translate French Phrases: Choose which English translation matches the 50 phrases. 
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