Free File Shredder v8.8.1

A Full Review of Free File Shredder, a Free File Shredder Program

This software displays an "update" prompt all the time, making it completely unusable. We highly recommend downloading an alternative to Free File Shredder. Our file shredder and data destruction lists have several options.

As the name suggests, Free File Shredder is a free data destruction and file shredder program. It can permanently delete data from whole hard drives down to specific files and folders.

As you'll see below, Free File Shredder has some of the most specific deletion options I've seen in a data wipe program.

This review is of Free File Shredder version 8.8.1. Please let me know if there's a newer version I need to review.

More About Free File Shredder

Free File Shredder in Windows 10

Free File Shredder doesn't have a set of options like most programs. Instead, you just walk through the step-by-step wizard and choose options as you go.

If deleting files, choose File from the start page and either drag and drop one or more files into Free File Shredder or click Add to find them. To delete a folder or hard drive, choose Folder from the first screen and then click Select to choose it. 

Additional options are available for when deleting hard drives or folders. You can choose to not delete files in subfolders, which will delete files in the selected folder only and ignore the subfolders and their files; delete everything in the selected folder and the subfolders (like a regular delete when you send a folder to the Recycle Bin); or remove the subfolders only, keeping all the files in the selected folder in intact.

You can also choose Recycle Bin from the main page to empty the contents of the Recycle Bin.

No matter what you're deleting with Free File Shredder, any of these three ​data sanitization methods are allowed

Pros & Cons

There are a number of things to like and dislike about Free File Shredder:


  • Can drag and drop files into the program to shred
  • Small download size
  • Includes some advanced options
  • Walks you through an easy to understand wizard
  • Able to empty the Recycle Bin
  • Works with Windows 10 through Windows XP


  • Tries to install other software during setup
  • Might show pop-ups to install other programs
  • Doesn't work from the right-click context menu
  • Can't drag and drop folders or drives

Our Thoughts on Free File Shredder

Most programs like Free File Shredder are able to scrub more than one file and folder at once by adding it to a queue and then deleting them all at once. Free File Shredder is able to delete multiple files at once, but only one hard drive or folder can only be selected and shredded at a time. This can drastically slow things down if you're needing to remove many folders at once from different locations.

While I find the issue I just mentioned to be a major downfall when it comes to Free File Shredder's features, the advanced folder/hard drive deletion options are very helpful. The fact that you can choose to remove just the current folder's files or just the subfolder's files is really handy and completely unique to Free File Shredder.

Overall, because the program is both easy to use and has some features that some of its competitors lack, Free File Shredder is a great choice for permanently deleting files, folders, and hard drives. No file recovery program will be able to retrieve the data you delete with this tool.

During setup, Free File Shredder tries to make a few changes to your computer like installing unnecessary software and making changes to your web browsers. You can prevent these changes by deselecting them or choosing I do not accept or Decline.