FreeFileConvert Review

Convert PDF to DOC, EPUB, HTML, MOBI, TXT, FB2, and More

Screenshot of the FreeFileConvert website

FreeFileConvert is a free PDF to Word converter (PDF to DOC) online service, with additional support for other formats, some also editable, all of which I list below.

Not only can you upload a local PDF, but you can also convert one by putting in the URL to an online PDF. This is handy so you don't have to download the PDF to your computer and then upload it to FreeFileConvert; you can just put in the .PDF link.

How PDFs are Converted With FreeFileConvert

Upload a PDF file from your computer (or use the URL to an online PDF) to convert it with FreeFileConvert.

After you upload a PDF, you can then choose any of the supported output formats to make the conversion.

FreeFileConvert Output Formats


FreeFileConvert Limitations

You can upload up to five files at once but they can not exceed 100 MB in total.

This means if you want to upload a file that's about 100 MB, you have to upload just one file. However, if you have five files that are each only 10 MB, you can upload all five no problem since that total is only 50 MB.

My Thoughts on FreeFileConvert

I like how easy FreeFileConvert is to use. There aren't any complex settings or confusing pages. You just upload a PDF and then choose an output format.

Because FreeFileConvert supports PDFs up to 100 MB in size, which can take quite a while to upload and convert, it's unfortunate there isn't a feature that allows a download link to be sent to you via email when it's finished converting. You must instead wait for the file to finish before you can view the download links.

There are, however, two download links you can choose from when the PDF is finished converting. You can choose to download the file directly or select a ZIP file download. The ZIP file is compressed, and thus will take less time to download. I recommend choosing this option if you're converting a large PDF.

While it's great that FreeFileConvert allows large PDF uploads, it's too bad there aren't any image formats you can export to.