5 Best Free Father's Day E-cards

Save a stamp and send dad an E-card this year

A free Father's Day E-card is a great way to send your dad a message of love straight to his inbox. These digital cards are all free and make it so easy to let dad know you care. The few minutes you take to send the E-card will lighten up his whole day. 

You'll find touching and funny Father's Day E-cards below that are sure to speak to your dad's personality and let him know just how important he is to you.

If you don't find the perfect E-card for your dad, check out our picks for the best free E-card websites that might include what you're after.

'There Is No Escape' Father's Day E-card

Black card that says "I Am Your Son"

Open Me

Open Me has designed this free Father's Day E-card for any dads and kids who have bonded over the Star Wars movies. It's a black starry card that says "I Am Your Son.

There isn't text pre-filled in this E-card but you do have an opportunity to write something yourself and even add a couple images before sending.

A user account is required after editing and before sending the card. You can register with Facebook or your email address, and you can send the Father's Day E-card over Facebook or through email.

This free E-card for your dad can be scheduled for a later date—great if you're making it way before Father's Day and want to ensure its arrival—or sent immediately. If you're sending the E-card in the future, you'll have an opportunity to invite your family or friends to sign the card with you before it goes out.

'Sweet Pop' Father's Day E-card

"Sweet Pop" Father's Day E-card

From the same website as the Father's Day card above is this one that features a play on the words "sweet pop" to mean both your dad and the drink. How clever!

Just like with the E-card above, you can customize the inside with a note and up to two photos.

Simple 'Happy Father's Day' E-card

Happy Father's Day e-card with music

If you need something quick that you can send right away or schedule for up to a month in advance, Got Free Cards is a great place for free Father's Day E-cards. These E-cards are videos that let you add a text message that will show up along with it when your dad opens it.

This particular Father's Day E-card is one of the most popular ones people are using from this site. "Happy Father's Day" appears on the screen with hearts and music.

The text you can add can be formatted with various font types, a font color, and font size.

You can send this free Father's Day E-card over email, Facebook, or Instagram.

'Pop Pop' Father's Day E-card

Pop Pop e-card for Father's Day

This is another fun word play Father's Day E-card from Open Me. If you like to go to the movies with your dad, you might choose this E-card which shows you and your dad as cute popcorn characters.

Write something inside about how you're going to take your dad to the movies for an even sweeter Father's Day message.

'Happy Belated Father's Day' E-card

Funny belated Father's Day card


If you're a little late with your Father's Day E-card, then this funny one from Someecards has got you covered. 

This free card can be sent via email or just about every social networking platform. Since it's really just a picture, you can't make any edits to it.