8 Best Free Excel Template Websites

These free Microsoft Excel templates will save you so much time

Save time and make your spreadsheet work a breeze with free Excel templates. Templates are formatted with placeholder text and formulas that make it easy to create financial statements, calendars, timesheets, business planners, checklists, meal planners, and more. Simply download the file, open it in Excel, and customize the worksheet to fit your needs.

The information in this article applies to all versions of Excel, including the online edition. Some templates are stored in XLSX format. If your program supports XLS files only, convert it with a free document file converter.

Microsoft’s Free Excel Templates

Microsoft Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates
What We Like
  • Large previews.

  • Direct download in the XLTX format.

  • No user account necessary.

  • Zero website ads.

What We Don't Like
  • Relatively few options.

  • No filtering or sorting options.

Microsoft has its own collection of free Excel templates. You'll find templates for photo albums, cards, brochures, and newsletters. You'll also find templates for events like spring, summer, winter, weddings, and graduations.

To find a specific type of template, browse through the categories and download the right template for the occasion.

If you don't have Excel, grab a free limited-time trial, use the Edit in Browser option to open the template for free online, or download a free spreadsheet program.

Vertex42’s Free Excel Templates

Vertex42 Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates
What We Like
  • Hundreds of templates.

  • Lots of categories to browse through.

  • Detailed download pages.

  • Includes versions for Excel alternatives.

What We Don't Like
  • Ads on the website.

  • Can't sort by criteria like popularity.

Vertex42 overflows with free Excel templates. You'll find templates to create exercise and health records, to-do lists, timesheets, financial statements, expense reports, amortization schedules, mortgage calculators, attendance lists, gas mileage logs, weekly planners, and many others.

Each template shows you what the download contains (if it’s an archive or single file), what version of Excel the template works with, a screenshot of the template, and suggestions on how to use the template.

Trump Excel's Free Excel Templates

Trump Excel home page
What We Like
  • Unique templates.

  • Helpful GIFs showing how they work.

  • Extremely informative download pages.

  • Quick, direct downloads.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't filter or sort.

  • Small selection.

It's super easy to find and download free Excel templates from Trump Excel. All the templates are located on a single page and there are plenty to choose from. At the top of the Trump Excel website, there's a list of the templates on the site. Browse the list and select the template that fits your needs.

The Trump Excel website provides screenshots that gives a view of each free template and how-to instructions that show what the template is capable of handling.

WinCalendar’s Free Excel Templates

WinCalendar Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates
What We Like
  • Date-relevant templates.

  • Includes templates for last year.

  • Instant downloads.

What We Don't Like
  • Few options compared to other sites.

  • Tiny previews.

WinCalendar has free Excel templates for calendars and schedules that are really easy to edit. Calendar templates have the days of the week included. The schedule template files are blank.

The calendar templates can be customized to include specific dates. Customize the calendar template to include a single month or a full year. The chosen dates are listed on one single sheet in Excel. There's also a free Excel template that includes holidays from various countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

Spreadsheet123's Free Excel Templates

Spreadsheet123 Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates
What We Like
  • Super useful templates.

  • Big previews.

  • Works with a variety of spreadsheet programs.

What We Don't Like
  • Lots of ads on the website.

  • Must be on the download page to see large previews.

When you browse through the free Excel templates at Spreadsheet123, you'll find categories such as budgets, invoices, inventory, schedules, debt payoff, and timesheets.

When you select a template, you're taken to a page that includes links for different versions of Excel, specifications that include a description of macros used in the template and the license agreement, a screenshot, and directions on how to use the template.

Brainy Betty’s Free Excel Templates

Brainy Betty Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates
What We Like
  • Instant downloads.

  • One-page list is easy to browse.

What We Don't Like
  • Must open an archive to get to the template.

  • Not a huge selection.

  • Doesn't include image previews.

There are various types of free Excel templates at Brainy Betty. These templates range from weekly class planning and multiplication table templates to a family tree, meal planner, fitness chart, and loan calculator templates.

These templates are contained in ZIP files. Extract them before using them.

Calculate Hours's Free Excel Templates

Calculate Hours Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates
What We Like
  • Templates are specific.

  • Quick, direct downloads.

What We Don't Like
  • It's hard to know what you're downloading.

  • Few sorting options.

As the name suggests, Calculate Hours’ free Excel templates can be used as free timesheet tables. The timesheet templates can be filtered for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedules. There are also templates that support military time, a night-shift schedule, and unpaid lunch break schedules.

WPS's Free Excel Templates

Kingsoft Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates
What We Like
  • Slight but useful variations between templates.

  • Direct downloads (XLSX files).

What We Don't Like
  • Must log in to download templates.

You'll find invoice and calendar templates at WPS. There are over 70 pages full of unique free Excel templates under both categories that use different backgrounds, colors, and layouts.

Although these templates are available through this site and therefore work with WPS Office, you don't need to use them with that software because they're stored in the Excel format. They're compatible with any program that supports XLSX files.

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