Best Free English Lessons Online

English lessons and English podcasts to help you learn the language

Many of these free online English lessons and podcasts let you sift through them to start learning at any skill level or over any topic, such as grammar or pronunciation. Others will take you step-by-step through the process of learning English if it's a completely new language to you.

Levels range from beginners to advanced, which means they're useful for speakers who are relatively new to the language, teachers who are educating their students, and primary speakers who just need to brush up on the different speaking and writing rules.

In addition to what you find below are plenty of free language learning apps and free language learning websites that you can download to your mobile device or open on your computer for an easy way to access English lessons from home or while you're out and about. Participating in a language exchange is also an excellent way to learn English, as is using a translation website.

Learn English With Free Online Courses

Use several of these online English lessons to get the most out of them. You can learn everything from common phrases and words to verbs, pronouns, and grammar.

free English lessons at
  • Learn English Online - Sectioned off into a dozen units, over 50 very detailed, free English lessons and videos can be found here. You start off learning the very basics with the alphabet and numbers, but can move through to any lesson you want at any time you like, such as to learn adjectives and grammar.
  • Busuu - This is a very intuitive language learning site that's easy to use, and I find it pretty effective. It walks you through various lessons in beginner, elementary, and intermediate skill levels to teach you English with pictures, text, and sounds. See our Busuu review for more information.
  • U.S.A. Learns - There are several English language learning lessons at U.S.A. Learns, and you can start with any one of them that you like. There's a U.S. Citizenship course and others called 1st English, English 1 Plus, 2nd English, and Practice English and Reading.
  • Learn American English Online - The English lessons here are organized by skill level and designed to have you learn something new every day, and tests are available at the end of lessons. An entire section of Learn American English Online is dedicated to videos, and another for vocabulary, which puts common words into sentences to help you learn their meaning with context and images. A chat room is included, too, which is helpful if you learn better through normal conversations.
  • - This English learning site is really easy to use. Choose a skill level to start off with to get access to audio files and full transcripts, videos, and lots of other free resources for learning key phrases, pronunciation, the alphabet, common words, verbs, grammar, and more. When you create your account, you can also sign up for Word of the Day emails for a quick way to learn new English words every single day.
  • - English lessons at are categorized in different sections to focus you on certain concepts, such as speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The speaking lessons have you listen and repeat sentences, whereas the listening section has you listen to a short story and then answer questions about it.
  • - Use this website for a reference, where you can quickly find examples of how to work with verbs, pronouns, brackets, tenses, dates, commas, and more. Several tests are also available.
  • ESOL Courses - Lots of games, lessons, and quizzes to learn various English concepts. You can browse these English lessons by skill level and alphabetically.
  • Duolingo - Step-by-step teaching walks you through various subjects, and you can sign up for daily goals to ensure you're learning English at the speed you specify. Read our review of Duolingo.
  • American English Speak - There aren't many lessons here, but they're useful in learning English because they're a bit different than some of the other ones you'll find in this list. There's an overview of what you'll learn before you walk through interactive English learning lessons.
  • Film English - Film English is best used from a teacher's perspective. It uses short films to help you teach English instead of showing just words and phrases like most English lessons. The purpose of these videos is to encourage the understanding of the concepts portrayed in each film. An instructional PDF file accompanies every video.
  • Word of the Day - Visit this page to learn a new English word every day of the week. You can listen to the word to understand the pronunciation, see its definition, read it in a sentence, and see its origin. You can also subscribe to daily email alerts and see the words from past days.

Learn English Through Podcasts

Getting English lessons through a podcast can be beneficial over text-only material because you don't need to sit in front of a computer to learn. You can subscribe to the episodes via iTunes or another podcasting service to listen wherever you go.

Some of these English learning podcasts are good for beginners while others are helpful even for the fluent English speakers who simply need to improve their pronunciation or word flow.

Grammar Girl podcast episodes
  • Grammar Girl Podcast - This English podcast is updated regularly to deliver grammar, punctuation, style, and other writing tips to help you improve your English writing. Visit the Grammar Girl website for other ways to listen, like through Google Podcasts and Spotify.
  • Speak English Now - This podcast has a few new episodes every month with several dozen already available for streaming. These quick English lessons help you learn pronunciation and vocabulary, as well as memory techniques to remember what you learn. You can also listen from their website, where every episode can be downloaded and read as text.
  • Effortless English Podcast - This podcast is spoken by a very clear and clean voice, and he gives tips on how to improve your spoken English. New episodes are released often and there are hundreds of existing ones.
  • 6 Minute English - New English learning podcasts are released every Thursday in 6-minute snippets. Offered by BBC Learning English, these episodes can be downloaded to your computer and followed along with through the transcripts.
  • Learning English Broadcast - Daily, 30-minute episodes for learning English via short, slowly spoken sentences. You won't learn vocabulary, spelling, or grammar rules here because they're simply speaking to help you learn through exposure to their words.
  • Culips English Podcast - This English podcast is updated frequently and spoken clearly. According to the podcast, your fluency, listening skills, vocabulary, and pronunciation will improve naturally, and you'll learn about interesting topics and trends in Canada and around the world.
  • American English Pronunciation Podcast - Hundreds of episodes teach you everything you need to know about pronouncing common and difficult English words. Some of the podcasts can be followed along in a transcript, found on
  • Basic Conversations Podcast - This English podcast has 10 short episodes that give examples of simple conversations in English. You can follow along via text and download the audio files at
  • Business English Pod - To help you with your English when it comes to a business setting, this podcast, which updates frequently, will immerse you in conversations about travel, interviews, presentations, and more to help you get a feel for how you should speak. The makers of this English podcast have another one called Business English Vocabulary that teaches advanced English for business use.
  • Better at English Podcast - This is another conversational English podcast that's built so you can hear two speakers having real conversations to help you better understand the language. There's informal vocabulary, slang, and other common words you'll hear in everyday conversation. This English learning podcast has dozens of episodes but ended in 2017. However, they still have full transcripts on their website at BetterAt so you can follow along.
  • Tu Ingles! Podcast - This English podcast is used for teaching Spanish speakers how to improve their English. There are 85 episodes that cover everything from idioms and verb conjugation to interviews and speeches to show how English words are spoken.
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