Free EASIS Drive Check v1.1

A Full Review of Free EASIS Drive Check, a Free Hard Drive Testing Tool

Free EASIS Drive Check is easy to use hard drive tester that shows SMART attributes and can run a surface scan for drive errors.

You can set up log files to be sent to your email address automatically or just view the results on the screen when the sector scan finishes.

Free EASIS Drive Check

This review is of Free EASIS Drive Check version 1.1. Please let us know if there's a newer version we need to review.

More About Free EASIS Drive Check

This tool officially works in Windows 7, back through Windows 2000. We found that it works just fine in Windows 8 and Windows 10, too.

You can run two types of scans: a SMART value reader and a sector test. Either test can be run from the main screen or from the Drive Tests menu.

To run either test, just double-click any of the listed hard drives. If you choose to run a SMART test but have no SMART-enabled devices, the program window will remain blank.

In addition to regular SMART attributes, you can also view the model number and the serial number of the SMART-enabled drive.

When a sector scan has completed, the results will display on the screen. It includes the scan time, the drive that was scanned, the computer name, the local IP address, the sector the scan started and ended on, and how many errors were found.

The only option you can configure is to send reports to you as an email. When you turn this feature on, all reports will be sent to the specified email address in the Options menu.

You may need to replace the hard drive if it fails any of your tests.

Free EASIS Drive Check Pros & Cons

This free hard drive tester is a simple program with decent hard drive support:

What We Like
  • Simple to understand

  • Supports internal and external hard drives

  • Can send log reports over email

What We Don't Like
  • Can only be installed to a Windows PC

Thoughts on Free EASIS Drive Check

It's very simple to use and easy to understand, but it's unfortunate that the SMART tests can't be tracked over a period of time. Doing so would enable you to make a more accurate prediction as to the timing of the failure of a drive.

The sector test is easy to access and will clearly show you if any read errors were found. Because only a read test is performed, no data on the hard drive will be removed or written to by the program.

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