5 Great Free Cover Design Programs for CD and DVD Cases

Software for Covers, Inserts, Labels, and Booklets

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If you regularly burn digital music to CDs or DVDs, it’s good practice to index your compilations in some way to easily find what you’re looking for. One of the best ways to do this is to use graphic design software for your compiled CDs and DVDs. As well as making fancy case inserts, you can produce booklets that include song information. With some programs, you can also make designs for the discs themselves. This guide showcases free software on the web for creating your own customized designs that you can print out and use for your compilations.

Burning CDs and DVDs has declined in popularity. As a result, the free cover software options are limited. Several of the programs listed here are no longer supported, although they are available for download. Check the computer requirements of each to be sure they will run on your computer.​​

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Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker

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This CD and DVD cover design program has a user-friendly interface with several templates to choose from. An interesting option listed in the templates section is to make paper cases. You can either choose paper sleeves or Origami paper cases—a great option if you want to give someone a CD or a DVD that you have compiled (using material that doesn’t infringe on the copyright, of course). The program lets you import images using popular formats such as jpg, png, and BMP. Adding text is easy for listing the contents of your media. This is a simple program that produces impressive results. 

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Thyante Software CDCoverCreator

CDCoverCreator is a design and printing program specifically for CDs. It has a good range of options for creating data and audio CDs. If you intend on creating a data CD, then CDCoverCreator can automatically generate a list of files, negating the need to type them all in by hand. A unique feature that isn’t normally included in cover design software is an internet album cover search option. If you have backed up your original purchased CD by either making an audio CD or by ripping it to MP3 files, then you can use this option to search for CD cover art on the internet, which can be included in your design. This is an excellent program to use for music, photos, or any other type of data.

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Magix Xtreme Print Studio

In order to use Magix Xtreme Print Studio for more than seven days, you need to register your installation. This enables you to use the software at no charge. As well as being a flexible program that has a good selection of CD and DVD cover templates, Xtreme Print Studio can also be used to design and print labels, inlays, and booklets. You can add various shapes to your designs, import images, and add text, which makes Xtreme Print Studio a flexible and capable design program.

Magix has discontinued Xtreme Print Studio, but it is still available at some download sites.


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Meritline EZ Label Xpress Lite

With its clear and simple interface, EZ Label Xpress Lite makes it easy to produce designs quickly. You can create designs for CD and DVD cases, including the discs themselves. As with most programs of this type, you can import images, but there are no drawing tools to create your own designs within the software. That said, you can quickly add text which is a useful feature for listing your music tracks. Overall, a good program for quickly printing out designs for your CD and DVD compilations.

Meritline has discontinued EZ Label Xpress Lite, but it is still available at some download sites.

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Nero CoverDesigner

Use Nero CoverDesigner to design and print labels, inlays, and booklets for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. This fully functional freeware also creates business cards.

Nero has discontinued CoverDesigner, but it is still available at some download sites.