7 Places to Find Free Business Card Templates You Can Customize

Business card templates for every profession, in every style

Illustration of printing business cards from a computer screen

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You can use a free business card template in Microsoft Word to create a custom business card all your own. Not only are the business cards free if you create and print them yourselves, you'll also get to create it just how you want it instead of relying on already created cards.

Some of these business card templates can be edited and printed all in your browser window and others require a download. The templates that require downloading are all compatible with Microsoft Word. You can open them in Word or another free word processor and edit the text and photos before printing.

The templates are pre-designed so you know exactly where to put all your information so people can get in contact with you. You can make a business card in a matter of minutes if you follow the templates or you can take the time to change the template's elements so you can make the business card just right.

The finished business cards will look best if you print them on cardstock or blank business cards.

Free Business Card Templates at Canva

A screenshot of editing a business card template

Canva has 2,400+ free business card templates that let you edit them all in their web application, with no download necessary until the end.

You can browse through all the business card templates to find one you like or choose to look by style (modern, cute, black and white, etc.) or by profession (lawyer, personal trainer, consultant, graphic design, etc.)

You can change everything about the template you choose, colors, text, fonts, and more. Once you're finished, you can download the cards and print them yourself for free or go through Canva's printing service to have them printed for a fee.

Customize a Business Card Template at Brother

Customizing a business card at Brother Creative Center

Brother's Creative Center has more than 150 free business card templates in categories like general, sales, healthcare, education, childcare, hospitality, IT services, travel, real estate, and much more.

You can customize these business card templates with your own photos or images, text, frames, patterns, amount others.

You can print out your finished business card either 8 or 10 per page.

Avery’s Free Business Card Templates

A blue and white business card template

After creating a free account at Avery, you can choose from over 300 business card templates. To get started, click on the size of the business card you'd like and then use Avery Design & Print to customize your cards.

Each business card template comes with a screenshot before the download starts, and there are themes that separate all of them, like education, holidays, home & moms, and seasons. They can also be filtered by edge type, as clean or perforated, plus by color and orientation.

Templates can also be viewed by date of when they were added or by user rating.

These business cards open up in your word processing program for easy editing and they print out 10 per page.

Vertex42's Free Business Card Templates

A blue and white business card template

There are several free business card templates at Vertext42. Some are multi-colored and others are black and white to save on ink.

All templates have a preview of what it looks like as well as a short description on the specs.

You can download the free business card templates at Vertext42 in either the Microsoft DOCX format or OpenOffice's ODT.

Southworth's Free Business Card Templates

A white and orange business card template

There are 10 free business card templates available from Southworth, each with a unique color set and design.

Entire sheets are included so you can edit up to 10 business cards before printing them off. Guidelines are available so it's easy to know where to cut to keep the most of each card.

These business card templates are downloaded in the DOC file format but they're stored in ZIP files.

Free Printable Business Cards.net's Free Business Card Templates

A business card template with a gray floral swirl
Free Printable Business Cards

You can download over a thousand free business card templates for Microsoft Word at Free Printable Business Cards. Most if not all of them come with several on a page so you can edit more than one before printing them.

These free business card templates are sectioned off into categories like animal, flag, kids, square, corporate, and feminine. You can also look through the 15 most popular and some of the business cards that were most recently added to the site.

While most of these free business card templates are compatible with Word, some are in the PDF format. You can see which format the business cards are in when you reach their download page

Unfortunately, you can't remove the website's URL on the bottom of the business card templates unless you pay to have it removed.

Microsoft's Free Business Card Templates

A black ad white business card template

Microsoft has a collection of 30+ business card templates.

On just one page you can see all of the business card templates that you can download for free, each complete with a screenshot. Some of them have multiple business card templates on one page while others just come with one.

Selecting any of the templates takes you to Microsoft Office Online for editing it, and saves them to your OneDrive account. If you ​want ​to save the business cards to your computer, just use the File > Save As > Download as Copy menu item.