10 Free Back to School Apps for Students

Get Through the School Year with These Great Apps

Summer never lasts long enough for kids, and it can be a stressful time to get everything in order so that students have new clothes, school supplies, dorm stuff and... back to school apps?

It's a fairly recent trend, but yes, even the youngest of students can benefit from the mobile apps that are available today for both smartphones and tablets. Perhaps one day, even all textbooks will come in app format.

Here are 10 apps for every primary, high school, and even college student in your family to check out. And because it's pretty common sense that students don't have much of a budget to work with, you can download all of these apps for free!

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Remember when calendar booklets were popular at school? Well, now students can take all their homework and schedule planning to the digital world with the myHomework app. Not only is it incredibly powerful and intuitive to use, but it also features beautiful layouts for both smartphones and tablets. With the free version, students can track their assignments, get due date reminders, receive rewards for completing homework and more.

The app is available on the web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Chromebook for free -- with a Pro version offered for $4.99 a year. More »

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The StudyBlue app was created for students to easily make virtual flashcards with both text and images. No more making flashcards manually. This app offers a plethora of additional features too -- like study stats, a search function, reminders, a study saver, messages and even an offline mode. You can even have a look through other student-created flashcards and flashdecks to use for yourself in your own studies.

StudyBlue app is available for free for both iPhone and Android devices.

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Similar to StudyBlue, Quizlet is designed to make studying as easy, fun and effective as possible. You can create your own study materials (flashcards, tests, games) or browse through its vast library of materials created by other users. And for those who struggle with the old fashioned textbook study strategy, Quizlet proves to be an ideal alternative for the fact that it supercharges the learning experience with both audio and video components.

Quizlet is available fore free for iPhone and Android devices. More »

Essay writing got you down? You’ll probably need a good dictionary and thesaurus to get the job done faster, and lucky for you this app has both rolled into one. You get access to over two million words and can even use the “Word of the Day” feature to improve your vocabulary. These apps even work offline, so you can rest easy knowing you can look any word up without an Internet connection.

This app is available for iPhone an Android for free. More »

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How much do you love writing bibliographies for all your essay assignments? Probably not very much. EasyBib seeks to take as much pain and suffering out of that task as possible but providing students with a free tool to generation citations. Automatically generate and export your citations from over 50 different sources in over 7,000 styles. Imagine how much time you'll save!

EasyBib is available completely free of charge for both Android and iPhone. More »

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Claiming to be the best digital note-taking app for the iPad, this is a wonderful app for students who thrive on writing everything they here in class down in extreme detail. You’ll never need another paper notebook again when you use it. The app is designed for the iPad only at this moment (so iPhone and Android users may have to stick with the old fashioned notebook and pen for now). You can use your finger or purchase an iPad pressure instrument to write and scribble down notes or diagrams.

Part of Evernote, you can get it for free for your iPad. More »

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​Sometimes, it's useful to get some extra help or clarification about a particular academic subject problem from a person who knows all about it, and Learnist is the place to look for those types of people. Sort of like being a social network for learning, Learnist is a crowd-sourced platform of knowledge from experts in all sorts of different subjects -- from math and geometry, to wildlife survival and gourmet cooking. Content is available in both text and video format.

Learnist is available for free on the web, or as an app for iPhone and Android. More »

Cloud storage is a savior for students, allowing them to share stuff with group members while keeping files updated for access across several devices. And of course it's the ultimate solution to avoid losing work in the event of a computer crash. Everyone uses Google, so Google Drive will keep all your stuff safely tucked away in the cloud for you. In fact, you get 15 GB of free storage when you sign up for a Google Drive account -- one of the best cloud storage offerings available right now that's free of charge.

It’s available for free for Android, iPhone and even both Mac and Windows. See how Google Drive stacks up against some of the other free cloud storage providers out there. More »

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Evernote is one of the most popular productivity tools used today. It’s perfect for busy students that need to organize homework with work and social events. You can organize all of your notes, sound files, photos, email and so much more in a way that can be easily accessed any time you want, from any device. It has a unique tagging system to help identify everything, which is what makes it such an ideal organization tool.

Get it for free for your Android, iPhone or iPad. Don't forget to try out the Evernote Web Clipper tool as well! More »

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Once you start using IFTTT, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Lots of people use it to cross-post the same content on their social channels, but students can create trigger actions for all sorts of other academic and student life purposes. Get automatic weather updates via email to prepare for that college football game, auto-generate new notes in Evernote from your Speak notes you took in lecture classes, or turn your Google Calendar events into Todist tasks.

IFTTT is available for Android and iPhone. It also offers an additional suite of apps worth checking out for more specific actions.

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