17 Best Free Autumn and Fall Fonts

Transform your text with these free fall time fonts

This collection of free autumn fonts will conjure up images of pumpkin patches, cozy sweaters, steaming cups of apple cider, crisp leaves under your feet, and golden sunrises.

These free autumn fonts can be used for your online or printed projects. They're a nice combination of delicate script fonts with more bold intentional fonts. You should be able to find a font you like no matter what you're looking to use it for.


All of these fall fonts are free but be sure to look at the license agreements before you download them to see if they're for personal use only.


See these free fall wallpapers for other ways to get into the spirit of the season.

Cinnamon Cake

Cinnamon Cake logo

You'll love this free autumn font, Cinnamon Cake, that will truly transform your text into something special.

This free autumn font includes uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special characters.

Download Cinnamon Cake

Homegirl Harvest

Homegirl Harvest logo

Homegirl Harvest is a font that lives up to its name. It's a little bit country and a little bit feminine all wrapped up into one. This is the perfect font for anything pumpkin patch related.

This free autumn font is a package of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols.

Download Homegirl Harvest

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

The Morning Coffee font makes me think of warm mugs of coffee, cocoa, and cider, with the steam twirling up above.

This free autumn font has uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and a limited number of symbols available.

Download Morning Coffee

Great Vibes

Great Vibes

The free autumn font, Great Vibes has a bit more elegance to it than the other fonts I've featured here. I can really picture this on place cards on the Thanksgiving table or a heartfelt letter to a loved one.

Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and tons of symbols are included in this free font download.

Download Great Vibes



Marydale is a handwriting font that reminds me of long walks on a brisk autumn day with leaves crunching under my feet.

This free fall font has all the uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols you could want.

Download Marydale

Apple Butter

Apple Butter

Apple Butter is a free fall font that's great if you're looking to make your text look vintage yet still seasonal. I think this font would look great on canned goods and recipes.

This is a basic font package that includes uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.

Download Apple Butter



This appropriately named font, Autumn, is a curvy yet bold handwriting font that I can see being used for any online or printed project.

68 characters are included in this free fall font download.

Download Autumn

Pea Pumpkin Peters

Pea Pumpkin Peters

Pea Pumpkin Peters is a font that is truly perfect for the fall time. This font is easy to read but is still fun and happy feeling.

All the numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters are part of this free download.

Download Pea Pumpkin Peters

A Day in Autumn

A Day in Autumn

A Day in Autumn is a delicate script font that gives the impression of fall leaves without being over the top. It's a pretty whisper of a font that's sure to make an impression.

The font download includes uppercase, lowercase, and symbols.

Download A Day in Autumn



Appleberry is a bold autumn font that's the perfect mix of contemporary and old-fashioned. Signs, banners, newsletters, and tons of other projects would look great with this font.

This is a great fall font package that includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and a ton of symbols that are all free to download.

Download Appleberry

Cutie Patootie

Cutie Patootie

Cutie Patootie is a free autumn font that is the perfect mix of fun and sophisticated. This font would work perfectly on any text that's going to be displayed during October or November.

Besides the version you see here, this fall font is also available in hollow and skinny versions.

Download Cutie Patootie

Acryle Script

Acryle Script

Acryle Script is a bold script that has tons of flourish and attitude. This free fall font calls to be looked upon and evokes a wonderful sense of happiness and fulfillment.

This font is free for personal use and includes uppercase, lowercase, and special characters.

Download Acryle Script

Always In My Heart

Always In My Heart

Always In My Heart is a very pretty handwriting font that makes me thing of golden sunrises, warm sweaters, and holding hands.

Be sure to check out the numbers in this font, they are very nice and would look great on just about anything.

Download Always In My Heart

Autumn In November

The font "Autumn In November"


Autumn In November is a beautiful calligraphy font that's not afraid of being bold. This font would be great on any type of fall print, stationery, or even a wedding invitation.

This fall font is free for personal use. There are characters provided for uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and a handful of special characters. 

Download Autumn In November

Autumn Moon

The Autumn Moon font


Autumn Moon is another free fall font from FontSpace, and this one is beautiful and a little bit mysterious. It's a handwriting font that will truly take your breath away.

This font is available for uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and basic symbols. 

Download Autumn Moon

Colors of Autumn

The Colors of Autumn font


Colors of Autumn is a seasonal script that will remind you of just how quickly the colors of leaves and brush change during the fall season.

There are uppercase and lowercase letters available in this font, but they are really both uppercase with one just being slightly larger than the other. Numbers and a few basic symbols are included as well.

Download Colors of Autumn

Homemade Apple

Homemade Apple font

Font Squirrel

Homemade Apple is a free Autumn font that will remind you of cool, crisp days spending time with the ones you love, maybe enjoying a homemade apple pie.

This cursive font is available in lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers and some basic symbols.

Download Homemade Apple

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