Free Animation Tools

Use these web apps to bring some animation to your site or presentation

Animated video is a great way to let someone know you care, to share a laugh, or to improve the look and feel of a website. Animation enhances a business's advertising strategy, attracts buyers to product listings, and to promotes students' attention in the classroom.

Don't have a video camera or editing software? Not to worry. With an internet connection and a little bit of time, you can be on your way to making professional looking animated videos.

We've developed a list of online video animation tools to get you started.​

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What We Like
  • Fun, colorful, cartoon-based interface.

  • Include chat, texting, and picture-sending.

  • Easy to use.

  • No download required.

What We Don't Like
  • Can be difficult for young users.

Dvolver is a fun and simple way to get acquainted with the world of online animation. Dvolver is free. Use the platform to send your completed animations to friends and family via email.

Set the scene for your animation by choosing from pre-programmed backgrounds and skies, and then select a plot. Next, choose characters, add dialogue and music. The style of Dvolver Moviemaker's characters, music, and backgrounds often generate quirky and hilarious animations.

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What We Like
  • Creating and sending ecards is fun and easy.

  • Customizable content to use as starting points.

  • Responsive customer service.

What We Don't Like
  • Read subscription terms, which include autorenewal and billing.

  • Some content not for sensitive audiences.

JibJab first gained popularity for its animated political satires and has since become a booming website. JibJab creates its own original content and allows you to add and animate the faces of your choice to its photos and videos. There are a limited amount of free, customizable videos on JibJab, but for a dollar a month, you can send unlimited photo and videos.

JibJab offers cards and videos for birthdays, special occasions, and for fun. After you choose a photo or video, insert the faces of your family and friends by uploading photos from your computer or Facebook. Share your JibJab animations and cards using Facebook, Twitter, email, or a blog.

JibJab also has an exciting iPad app for children called JibJab Jr. This app features the name and face of your child in exciting digital picture books, increasing the attention and interactivity of the reading experience.

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What We Like
  • Fun vocal avatars for kids.

  • Ideal for class projects and presentations.

  • Free lesson plans to help teachers use Voki in the classroom.

  • Excellent tool for students who shy away from oral assignments and public speaking.

What We Don't Like
  • Takes some practice to learn.

  • Premium version (paid) available only to teachers, school administrators, and other education professionals.

Voki specializes in the creation of speaking avatars that allow you to give personalized expression to a digital context. Although Voki is a great addition to any web page, it's advertised as an educational tool for students and teachers alike. Voki is free to use, but there is a yearly subscription fee to access the full selection of educational features.

Voki characters are highly customizable. After you create your character, Voki gives you four different options for adding personalized voice using the telephone, text-to-speech software, your computer's built-in microphone, or uploading an audio file.

Voki Classroom allows teachers to manage assignments and lesson plans involving Voki characters, and gives each student a Voki login to complete assignments. In addition, the Voki website provides teachers with free access to hundreds of lesson plans that use Voki software as a tool for teaching and learning.

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