Free Wear OS Apps You Should Download

Every smartwatch deserves a cool app ... or two... or three

Confident businesswoman checking financial trading data with smart watch in city
Check notifications without pulling out your smartphone. d3sign / Getty Images

Like a smartphone, a smartwatch is nothing without apps. Luckily, developers are busily building apps for Wear OS by Google (formerly Android Wear) and making their existing Android apps compatible with smartwatches.

While there are hundreds of Wear OS apps available in the Wear OS Store, we've selected these as our favorites. Wear OS is also compatible with iOS devices, by the way, so take a look!


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Watch Faces With An Extra

Moto 360 Watch Face

One of the best parts of having a smartwatch is that you can change the watch face at will--and even design your own. One of the faces available on the Moto 360 (at left) includes three widgets: weather, fitness, and a calendar, giving you essential information at a glance. In this case, the fitness widget shows your steps as counted by Moto Body, though you can switch it to Google Fit. The InstaWeather app, which naturally focuses on weather forecasts, also includes interactive watch faces and Google Fit integration. 

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Weather on Your Wrist


If you want straight-up weather, 1Weather is an excellent, free choice. On your phone, it displays the current temperature at your location on the lock screen, which is very convenient, while on your watch, 1Weather uses cards to show you the current temperature and a five-day forecast.

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Fitness Made Simpler


A smartwatch makes perfect sense as a fitness tracker; many, like the Moto 360 have a built-in heart monitor. There are lots of apps you can use with Wear OS, including Google Fit, Runtastic, and Moto Body. Endomondo, an app that tracks running, cycling, and other activities, is but one of them.

What's convenient about using Endomondo on a smartwatch is that you can pause and resume the app without digging out your smartphone. Even better, you can quickly tell at a glance whether it's recording my your cycling and how far you've pedaled. How frustrating is it when you finish and workout only to discover that the app didn't record any of it? 

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Notes On the Go


All of us have had this problem at one time or another: a great idea or an important task you need to do pops up into your head and you have nowhere to write it down. Having a smartwatch means you can discreetly pull up a note-taking app such as Google Keep or Evernote (pictured) and dictate yourself a note on the go. You can then pick up that note later using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Here, your smartwatch becomes just another part of your mobile ecosystem.