Fred Zahradnik

Fred Zahradnik has written about GPS products, services, and trends since 2007. Fred is a pro-consumer technical product guru.


As a former technical editor and online editor for Bicycling Magazine, and online director for Men's Health magazine, Fred has managed dozens of buyer's guides and reviewed hundreds of products for publication. He has published hundreds of articles on GPS consumer products and services, GPS science and technology, and military uses of GPS. Fred has served as a GPS expert guest for national Tech Talk radio, Backpacker Magazine, and other outdoor publications.


Fred holds a B.A. in journalism from The Pennsylvania State University.

Fred Zahradnik

I've been fascinated by GPS technology since I first tried one of the early handheld receivers. It was slow, and the screen was gray and small, but it was still a marvel. Today, mobile navigation is a rapidly growing, multi-billion-dollar market, and location-aware technology is finding its way into a wide range of products. It's second nature for me to look at technology from the consumer's point of view.

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