Foxmail 5.0 - Free Email Program

Foxmail is a nice email client with lots of great features that make email easy and fun. Unfortunately, it doesn't support IMAP accounts and its message editor lacks basic text (re-)formatting tools.

Pros and Cons of Foxmail 5.0


  • Foxmail comes with good spam filtering options and supports email security
  • Easy and fun to use, Foxmail also sports great new mail notification
  • Foxmail supports HTML and stationery


  • Foxmail lacks support for IMAP
  • Message editor can't properly re-wrap text
  • Training the Bayesian filter included in Foxmail is a bit cumbersome

Description of Foxmail 5.0

  • Foxmail manages multiple POP, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail email accounts for multiple users.
  • Foxmail lets you also manage POP accounts remotely by previewing and deleting mail at the server.
  • Support for HTML messages lets you view and compose rich messages in Foxmail.
  • Foxmail offers a number of stationeries and lets you create flexible custom templates using macros.
  • A remote mailbox component lets you preview and delete mail directly at the server.
  • Foxmail offers flexible mail filters and labels to organize messages.
  • Both rule-based and adaptive Bayesian spam filters can automatically spot junk mail.
  • Foxmail supports S/MIME message encryption and digital signatures.
  • Foxmail supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Review of Foxmail 5.0 

Foxes are said to be particularly smart, and Foxmail lives up to that image. This nice email client has a lot more to offer than the first impression might suggest, and Foxmail combines the funny and the useful in a great manner.

Take Foxmail's stationery, for example, which can come with colorful HTML formatting but also serves as flexible message templates for repeat messages. Other great Foxmail features include a remote mailbox tool, powerful filters and simple, but effective message labels, Hotmail access, and support for multiple users.

Both rule-based and Bayesian spam filters are there to take the junk out of email. Unfortunately, training the adaptive filter, essential for high efficiency, is a bit cumbersome.

It's also a pity that Foxmail doesn't support IMAP accounts, and Foxmail's message editor could use a bit more power. All in all, Foxmail is powerful, but easy to use and fun, too.