Fossil Unveils a Ton of New Wearables

New Smartwatches, an Updated Activity Tracker and a New Category of Devices


Perhaps you recall that accessories maker Fossil entered the wearables space with the introduction of four devices back in late 2015. As a refresher, these included the Q Reveler fitness tracker, the Q Dreamer fitness tracker, the Q Grant watch/fitness tracker and — the standout — the Q Founder smartwatch running Google's Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) software.

Fast-forward several months, and the company is already updating its lineup with some new activity trackers and smartwatches, all of which keep the same "Q" naming convention we've come to expect. Read on for details about each product and its availability.


Both of Fossil's new Q smartwatches will run Wear OS, just like the original Q Founder smartwatch released last year, and both will feature a new wireless charger. Fossil says both products will be available later this year. As with the Q Founder, these smartwatches will be customizable with different watch faces and interchangeable straps. Also in keeping with the Q Founder that debuted last year, these two new smartwatches will start at the price of $275.

Fossil Q Wander

First up is the Q Wander, which features an always-on round touchscreen and a multi-finish watch case. Available in your choice of 44mm or 46mm, the casing is slim, and the interchangeable leather watch strap gives the device a "real watch" look. 

Fossil Q Marshal

Also available with both 46mm and 44mm watch casings, the Q Marshal features an always-on round display. It appears that, like the Q Wander, this version will come with a variety of strap options, including one done up in steel and some "vintage-inspired leather straps."


Fossil isn't just dabbling in wearables; it appears committed to this type of technology in a big way. It's already on its second-gen version of a tracker that provides notifications for calls and texts.

Q Motion

The latest Fossil activity tracker is called Q Motion, and it's definitely one of the most attractive devices I've seen in this product category. It'll be available in a sea-foam green shade, along with more standard options of white and black. The straps will reportedly be interchangeable, which makes sense given the cylindrical design (all the important sensors are located in this modular form factor).

The Q Motion connects to your Android handset or iPhone over Bluetooth and tracks both your activity and sleeping patterns/habits. This tracker's also water-resistant for up to 50 meters, though as you may learn the hard way it's best to be You can specify the types of notifications you'd like to receive via the proprietary Fossil app, and you'll receive alerts in the form of either vibrations on the device band or the flash of an LED light.

In addition, the Fossil Q Motion features "smart tap technology," which in practice means you can tap on the device to accomplish tasks such as playing music, finding your phone or taking a selfie. I'm curious how this works, and hope to get my hands on this product soon!

One final feature that many wearable fans will enjoy: The Fossil Q Motion doesn't require daily or even weekly charging. It uses a coin cell battery that's said to last for up to six months, so you don't need to worry about keeping this guy powered up. 

As for price, the Q Motion will cost $95 — definitely on the cheaper side for an activity tracker. 


The final category of new Fossil wearables is smart analog watches — remember Fossil hinting that a new category of wearables could be "smarter watches"? The company says these products are set to debut this coming fall, and they'll include notifications from your closest contacts ("with just the turn of the watch hands") in addition to tracking steps, calories and sleep.

These smart analog watches won't run Wear OS, but they will connect to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth to provide functionality like notifications. Plus, like the Q Motion they'll feature "smart tapping technology" via a button that can control the world around you.

Fossil is relatively light on details when it comes to this latter category of devices, but if you've been keeping track, so far the device count is up to three new wearables. The addition of these smart analog watches will bring it up to seven, so that means four different versions will be available. Two of them will be the Q Tailor and the Q Nate, and it's safe to say that the differences among the four options will be largely aesthetic. Stay tuned for more info on these!