How to Forward Zoho Mail to Another Address

Setting up Email Forwarding in Zoho Mail
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With three Zoho Mail accounts, five phones and several workstations, who is to stay ahead of it all?

Fortunately, Zoho Mail makes it easy to consolidate: you can forward all mail received at one Zoho Mail account to another, to a notification app for your phone, and to any old email address, of course.

What Forwarding Zoho Mail Email Means

That means all mail you receive at that account's address is automatically sent on to the receiving email address.

You can have Zoho Mail retain copies of messages that are forwarded (say, as a backup) or elect to delete them.

At the receiving account, treat the messages like other mail. You can set up a filter perhaps that labels mail forwarded from the Zoho Mail address (with that address in the To: or Cc; field) so you can spot it immediately, or have it moved to a special folder.

How to Forward Zoho Mail to Another Address

To have Zoho Mail forward all incoming mail to another email address:

  1. Follow the Settings link in Zoho Mail.
  2. Select the Mail tab.
  3. Now go to the Email forwarding and POP/IMAP category.
  4. Click Add email address under Email Forwarding for Forward a copy of incoming message to:.
  5. Enter the address to which you want your Zoho Mail messages sent automatically under Email ID.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Optionally, select Yes under Delete Zoho Mail's copy; usually, this is not necessary, but it does keep your Zoho Mail account clean and avoids duplicates if you forward to another email account.
  1. Check the email address to which you are forwarding for a message from with Zoho Mail :: Confirm Email Forwarding - < the address to which you have set up forwarding> in the Subject line.
  2. Follow the confirmation link in the email message.
  3. Enter your Zoho Mail password under Login Password.
  1. Click Verify.

Forward Select Mail from Zoho Mail Using a Filter

To set up a rule that will forward only certain messages from Zoho Mail:

  1. Follow the Settings link in Zoho Mail.
  2. Make sure the Mail tab is active.
  3. Open the Filters category under Mail Organization.
  4. Click Add Filter.
  5. Enter a title for the new filter under Filter name.
  6. Enter the desired filter criteria under Check incoming messages for.
  7. Select or type the email address to which you want triggering emails forwarded under Forward To.
    • To enter a new forwarding address:
      1. Select Add forwarding address.
      2. Enter the desired address under Forward To.
  8. Click Save.
  9. If you have entered or added a new forwarding address:
    1. Open the email account to which you have set up forwarding.
    2. Look for and open a message from no with Zoho Mail : : Confirm Email Forward - in the subject.
    3. Follow the confirmation link contained in the message.

The Alternative to Forwarding Zoho Mail: POP and IMAP Access

As an alternative to forwarding, you can also enable POP or IMAP access in Zoho Mail and set up your email program to access it (via IMAP), or configure another email service—say, Gmail—to download new mail (using POP).

Consolidating Email: Forwarding Other Accounts with Zoho Mail

Are you trying to collect all your messages at one address and one account?

You can forward not only Zoho Mail, of course, but also:

(Updated June 2015)

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