Forwarding Yahoo Mail to Another Email Address

Read your Yahoo Mail Classic messages in another email account

You can use Yahoo mail forwarding to receive your Yahoo Mail Classic messages at another email address.

Once the process is set up, all the messages that arrive at your Yahoo Mail account are automatically sent on to the email provider you selected. They are also accessible in Yahoo Mail itself.

When you forward Yahoo Mail messages to a new email account, you can still log in to Yahoo Mail at any time to use that interface, but the idea is to forward all your new messages to a different email account — maybe a Gmail or Outlook account — so that you can use those email interfaces to read your Yahoo Mail.

It's also useful to forward mail in this way if you don't want to log in to Yahoo Mail just to check for a new message; it may be configured as your spam email inbox or one that you don't check often. Having the new emails forwarded prevents you from missing an important message. Maybe you'll be traveling and away from your desktop computer for a while and want to access the messages in another email provider's app on a mobile device.

Forward Yahoo Mail to Another Email Address

The following steps are relevant only if you're using Yahoo Mail in classic mode. The feature is not available in new Yahoo mail.

  1. Access your email from the website by clicking the Mail icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. Hover your mouse over the gear icon on the far upper right corner of the page, next to your name.

  3. Choose Settings from the menu that appears.

    Settings button on Yahoo Mail home page screenshot
  4. Select Accounts from the left.

    Accounts category in Yahoo Mail settings - screenshot
  5. On the right, under the Email addresses section, click the email account that you want messages to be forwarded from.

    Email address to click when forwarding to another address - screenshot
  6. Scroll down to the Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere section and put a check in the box next to Forward.

  7. Enter the email address that all of your future Yahoo Mail messages should be forwarded to.

  8. Below the email address, choose Store and forward or Store and forward and mark as read. The second option forwards the emails just like the first one does, but it also marks the email as read in Yahoo Mail. The reason you might pick the second option is that it's assumed that if you are forwarding the emails to yourself at a different email address, you'll read the messages there, so they don't need to be left as unread on Yahoo Mail.

  9. Click the Verify button and then log in to the email account you entered in Step 7. If this is not your email account, then have the owner log in and click the verification link that was sent.

    Verify email address to forward to - screenshot
  10. Click Save at the bottom of Yahoo Mail's Settings window.

Only new incoming emails are forwarded.