How to Forward Multiple Emails Individually in Outlook

Outlook can help you out with a folder and a rule

What to Know

  • Select Folder > New Folder > create folder name > right-click and drag messages into folder > Copy.
  • Next, open created folder > select Home > Move > Rules > Create Rule > Advanced Options > clear checkboxes.
  • In Step 1 and 2 select forward it to people or public group/distribution list > set contact > Turn on this rule.

This article explains how to forward multiple emails as individual messages in Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook for Microsoft 365.

How to Forward Multiple Emails Individually in Outlook

When you want to forward several emails to one or more of your contacts, copy the recipients to a special folder and have an Outlook rule forward them individually and automatically. Here's how.

  1. Go to Folder > New Folder, and enter a name for the new folder.

    An alternative method is to right-click an existing folder or your account name from the side bar, and choose New Folder.

    New Folder
  2. Right-click and drag each message you want to forward to the new folder, release the mouse, then select Copy.

    copying message to folder
  3. Open the new folder.

  4. Go to Home > Move > Rules.

  5. Select Create Rule.

    Create Rule
  6. Select Advanced Options.

    Create Rule dialog box
  7. Clear all checkboxes, then select Next.

    Rules Wizard
  8. In the warning dialog box, select Yes.

    "Is This Correct?" message
  9. In Step1, select either forward it to people or public group or forward it to people or distribution list.

    As an alternative, select Forward it to people or public group as an attachment (or Forward it to people or distribution list as an attachment) to forward the message as an attachment and not as inline text.

    Forward to people or group
  10. In Step 2, select either People or public group or People or distribution list.

  11. Double-click the desired contact or list from your address book. Or, in the To text box, type the email address that will receive the forwarded messages.

    Rule Address
  12. Select OK.

  13. Select Next.

  14. Select Next again.

  15. Clear the Turn on this rule checkbox.

    Turn on This Rule not selected
  16. Select Finish.

You can delete the rule and the Forward folder if you want, or just delete the messages in it and reuse the folder later.

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