How to Forward a Message With Mozilla Thunderbird

Plus we'll include a comparison of inline vs. attachment forwarding

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Like other email clients and apps, Mozilla Thunderbird makes forwarding emails very simple. It's a quick, handy trick when you receive an email you'd like to share with someone else. You can even choose whether to forward the email inline or as an attachment.

To forward a message in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Highlight the message you want to forward.
  2. Click on the Forward button.
  3. Alternatively, you can select Message > Forward from the menu, use the Ctrl + L keyboard shortcut (Command + L on a Mac, Alt + L for Unix).
  4. To make sure the original message is included inline, select Message > Forward As > Inline from the menu.
  5. Address the message and add text if desired.
  6. Finally, deliver it using the Send button.

Choose to Forward Inline or as Attachment 

To change whether Mozilla Thunderbird inserts the forwarded message as an attachment or inline in the new email:

  • Select Tools > Options (or Thunderbird > Preferences) from the menu.
  • Go to the Composition category.
  • Make sure you're on the General tab.
  • Choose Inline or As Attachment under Forward messages.
  • Close the preferences window.