Forward Emails With Attachments in Yahoo Mail

Sending images along to other email recipients is automatic in Yahoo

What to Know

  • Select the Forward button (the right-arrow) in the message window and type the address of the recipient in the To line.
  • When you forward an email in Yahoo Mail, original attachments are included along with the message.
  • To protect the privacy of the original sender and other recipients, remove email addresses before forwarding emails.

This article explains how to forward attachments in Yahoo Mail messages. The instructions below apply to standard Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Mail Basic.

How to Forward a Message With Attachments in Yahoo Mail

To forward an email that has files attached in Yahoo Mail, follow these steps:

  1. Open the message you want to forward in Yahoo Mail.

  2. Select the Forward button in the message window. This icon looks like an arrow pointing to the right.

    Yahoo Mail with the Forward button highlighted
  3. Type the address of the recipient on the To line and add body text if you want.

    A blank email open in Yahoo mail with the To and body fields highlighted
  4. Select Send. The message, along with the original attachments, geso to the recipient you chose.

    An email open in Yahoo Mail with the Send button highlighted

In general, you should always remove email addresses when forwarding emails to protect the privacy of the original sender and other recipients.

Plain Text and Email Attachments in Yahoo Mail

If you prefer to write emails in plain text, which doesn't support formatting options like bold or italicized text, links, and images, you can still use attachments and forward messages containing them. Basic and Yahoo Mail support attaching and passing along files.

To turn on plain text mode in Yahoo Mail, select the ellipses at the bottom of a message window and select the Tx icon in the menu that appears.

Yahoo Mail with the More Options and Turn On Plain Text buttons highlighted
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