Forward a Message as an Attachment with Mozilla Thunderbird

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Traditionally, emails have been forwarded by including them inline in a new message. This has some advantages, but it somewhat blurs the line between the new and the forwarded message, and replying to the original message can get cumbersome.

Forwarding messages as attachments solves these problems elegantly. In Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape and Mozilla, forwarding as a MIME attachment is easy.

Forward a Message as an Attachment with Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape

To forward an email in full as an attachment in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Open the message you want to forward.
  2. Select Message | Forward As | Attachment from the menu.
  3. Address and edit the email.
  4. Finally, click Send to deliver it.

Attach Further Emails to Forwards and Replies

To attach more messages to forward and new message or reply alike:

  1. Highlight the emails you want to attach in the message list.
  2. Drag and drop them onto the email composition's header area (under Attachments: or over the To: line, for example).
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