Forward a Message as an Attachment in Windows Mail

Send an email from someone to someone else

When you forward an email, Windows Mail inserts it in the message body of the forwarding email. This program, unlike its predecessors, is not capable of forwarding emails as attachments. Attachments are a clean way to forward messages that avoids problems with messed up and broken text in the body of the message. To send as an attachment, download the message and then send it as an attachment in a new message.

These instructions apply to Windows Mail for Windows 10 through the 19.04 service release. Microsoft continually updates the Mail app. Although versions of the app through the 19.04 release of Windows 10 don't have a forward-as-attachment capability, many users request it, and Microsoft may add this functionality in future update releases.

How to Forward a Message as an Attachment With Windows Mail

To forward an email attached to a new message in Windows Mail:

  1. Highlight the message you want to forward in the mailbox or open it in a separate window.

  2. Select Settings (the three-dot menu), then choose Save As.

    Save As command
  3. Save the message in EML format.

    Email message format
  4. Compose a new message by clicking or tapping New mail, then advance the toolbar to the Insert menu in the new-message pane.

    Insert tab in a new message in Windows Mail
  5. Select Files, then choose the EML document you saved. Click Open to insert the message as an attachment inside your new email.

    Files button in Windows Mail's Insert tab
  6. Compose and send your email as usual.

This process is not technically the same as the Forward As Attachment command, but the result is the same.