How to Forward Windows Live Hotmail to Gmail

Keep Both Inboxes, but Tweak the Delivery

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Do you prefer Gmail's web interface or its spam filter but don't want to give up your Hotmail address? Maybe you seldom use your Hotmail account, so you don't want to check it regularly, but also don't want to miss any important emails. The best solution is to forward them to an email account that you check regularly, such as your Gmail account.

Microsoft closed Hotmail in early 2013, but it moved all Hotmail users to where they may continue to send and receive email using their Hotmail addresses.

Forwarding Hotmail to Gmail

To have all your new Hotmail incoming mail delivered to your Gmail account automatically:

  1. Log on to your email account using

  2. Click the Settings icon at the top of the screen (it resembles a cog).

  3. In the pane at the left side of the Options screen, go to the Mail section and expand it if it is collapsed.

  4. In the Accounts section, click Forwarding.

  5. Select the Start forwarding bubble to activate it.

  6. Enter the Gmail address where you want your emails to be forwarded. Make sure you proofread it carefully, or you'll never see those emails again unless you opt to keep a copy at

  7. Click the box next to Keep a copy of forwarded messages if you also want to receive the messages at (This is optional.)

Now any incoming Hotmail emails are automatically redirected to 

Be sure to visit each of your email clients at least once every three months. Accounts that are not used for many months are considered inactive accounts, and they will eventually be deleted. Any mail and folders they contain are then lost to you.