How to Forward Windows Live Hotmail to Gmail

Keep both inboxes, but tweak the delivery

A simple account-forward setting in your account will send copies of all your email to Gmail while preserving your account for future use.

Microsoft replaced Hotmail with in early 2013. users may continue to send and receive email using their Hotmail addresses.

To redirect all your new incoming mail to your Gmail account automatically:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click the Settings icon at the top of the screen (it resembles a cog). At the bottom of the Settings pane, click View all Outlook settings to launch a full-screen settings window.

  3. Select Mail > Forwarding from the two left navigation panes to expose the forwarding-address setting. Forwarding window.
  4. Check the Enable forwarding box and type your Gmail address in the box. To preserve a copy of the message in your account, select Keep a copy of forwarded messages. If you leave this setting unchecked, Outlook will redirect without saving.

Gmailify as an Alternative to Forwarding

Instead of forwarding from, you can also import into Gmail using Gmailify From within Gmail, the Gmailify tool supports account-import and send-as features, so you'll still be able to respond to emails as your email address, but from within Gmail's familiar interface.

Visit each of your email services at least once every three months. Some email providers delete inactive accounts, including the mail and folders they contain.

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