Forward Hotmail Email to a Different Account

Consolidate your email accounts

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Email forwarding automatically sends messages from one account to another. Every new email that comes ​into your Hotmail account (or other Microsoft email account used through is sent to that address. Do this if you have a Hotmail account or a secondary email account and don't want to log in to those email accounts to check for messages.

Occasionally log in to your Microsoft email account to avoid having it marked as inactive and eventually deleted.

Forward Windows Live Hotmail Email to a Different Email Account

Windows Live Hotmail is a part of, so forwarding your Hotmail email to a different email address is done through Outlook Mail. When you forward these emails to your Gmail, Yahoo, or other email account, you still get the messages but you don't have to check the accounts all the time.

Follow these steps to forward your Windows Live Hotmail to a different email account:

To skip the first several steps that follow, go directly to the Outlook forwarding options.

  1. Log in to your email through Outlook Mail.

  2. Select the Settings menu icon (it's located on the right side of the menu bar and it looks like a gear).

  3. Choose View all Outlook settings.

    Screenshot depicting Outlook Live settings
  4. Go to Mail > Forwarding.

    Because you're accessing sensitive information, Microsoft might ask you to log in to your account again.

    Screenshot of Outlook's settings
  5. Select the Enable forwarding check box.

  6. In the Forward my email to field, enter the email address you want to forward messages.

    Screenshot depicting Outlook's email forwarding settings
  7. Select Save to confirm the changes.

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