Forward Hotmail Email to a Different Account

Consolidate Your Email Accounts

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Windows Live Hotmail is a part of, so forwarding all your Hotmail email to a different email address can be done through Outlook Mail.

The way this works is that after assigning which email address messages will be forwarded to, every new email that comes ‚Äčinto your Hotmail account (or whichever Microsoft email account you're using through will be sent to that address.

One example where you might want to do this is if you have an old Hotmail account or a secondary but not-used-as-much email account associated with various websites but you don't want to have to log on to those email accounts just to check for messages.

When you forward these emails to your Gmail, Yahoo, other email account, etc., you still get the messages but you don't have to worry about checking the accounts all the time.

However, if you want to respond through these email accounts you don't use, the quickest way is to just log on to them. Another option is to connect them to your current email address (e.g. use Windows Live Hotmail through your Gmail account).

Keep in mind that you should still occasionally log on to your Microsoft email account to avoid having it marked as inactive and eventually deleted.

Forward Windows Live Hotmail Email to a Different Email Account

To skip ahead through the first several steps, click this link to go directly to the forwarding options of your email, and then return to Step 6. Otherwise, continue through with Step 1:

  1. Log on to your email through Outlook Mail.

  2. Click or tap the Settings menu icon near the right side of the menu bar (it looks like a gear).

  3. Choose Options from the drop down menu.

  4. On the left side of the Options page, go into the Mail section.

  5. In there, under the Accounts section, click or tap Forwarding.

  6. Make sure the Start forwarding bubble is selected.

  7. In that area, enter the email address where emails should be automatically forwarded.

    You can optionally choose to keep a copy of forwarded messages by putting a check mark in the box that talks about that.

    Make sure to spell your email address correctly so refrain from inadvertently forwarding your emails to someone else's address!

  8. Click or tap Save at the top of that page to confirm the changes.