How to Forward Emails as Attachments by Default in Outlook

Do you like the simplicity, elegance, and sheer comprehensiveness when you forward emails as attachments? Do you like it — and possibly passing on addresses and headers that might as well have been kept private — more than clumsily having the original message appear in the new email's body text — with all the same addresses for everyone to see or you to laboriously delete? Do you wish Outlook would attach forwards automatically instead of adding them to the body?

Outlook can do that. With the appropriate setting for forwards, it will include original messages as EML files or inline attachments automatically.

Forward Emails as Attachments by Default in Outlook

To set up Outlook to forward emails as EML file attachments automatically:

  • Select FILE.
  • Choose Options.
  • Open the Mail category.
  • Make sure Attach original message is selected for When forwarding a message: under Replies and forwards.
  • Click OK.

Note that you can no longer forward messages inline (other than copying and pasting their text manually). Conversely, with a When forwarding a message other than Attach original message, you can always forward as an attachment as the occasion demands or as you like.